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By PNA MANILA -- The national government's newly created peace panel is ready for the possible revival of talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines' (CPP) political wing, the National Democratic Front (NDF), President Rodrigo R. Duterte has announced.
Duterte's pronouncement came as he bared in an interview with ABS-CBN on Friday night that he has formed a new government peace panel that would hold negotiations with NDF consultants for the crafting of a binding peace pact between the two parties.
"For as long as there is (a) broad principle agreed upon, well, the new committee that I have created will take over," the President said.
"I have changed the composition. I'm doing away with the last membership."
He, however, did not mention the people who would serve as state peace negotiators.
The peace talks between the national government and the NDF have been intermittent since it started in 1986.
Duterte's relatively warm relationship with the communist guerillas during his first months in office has turned sour following the relentless attacks by the CPP's armed component, the New People's Army (NPA), against government troops and civilians despite ongoing peace negotiations.
On Nov. 23, 2017, Duterte inked Proclamation 360, formally terminating the peace talks with the NDF.

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