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Online Romeo Arrested!

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Online Romeo Arrested!
« on: September 18, 2007, 06:54:35 PM »
By Sanjay Pinto

In perhaps one of the biggest matrimonial frauds in India in recent times, an impostor out on bail in a pornography case managed to trick three women into marrying him and 37 others into a physical relationship.

The victims are all young professionals from across India. The Chennai police have arrested this online Romeo.

False profiles

Liqayat Khan, 31, put up false profiles on a popular matrimonial website:

Sandeep Kumar
Profession: Sub Collector, Training

Profession: IAS Officer

Rajesh Kumar
Profession: Software Engineer, London

But in reality, he's already married in Neyveli, has a child and was out on bail last year after being charged by the Trichy police for making pornographic films in a computer centre he once ran.

Alerted by a user of the website, the police trapped the impostor, but not before he married three gullible women, lured and developed physical intimacy with 37 others from all over India.

This is on the basis of cellphone call records in the last four months.

Matrimonial fraud

The culprit had been operating for about two years and sources say the actual number of victims from doctors to software professionals to bank employees could be close to hundred.

''It's a case of cheating by chatting. He contacted 37 women and married three of them so far,'' said M Ravi, JCP, Chennai.

After ''marrying'' his unsuspecting victims, he would leave on the pretext of having to continue his training in Mussoorie or to rejoin work in the UK. Of course, never to return.


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Re: Online Romeo Arrested!
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