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Bohol mayor gets DEATH THREATS?

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Bohol mayor gets DEATH THREATS?
« on: June 24, 2007, 01:51:54 AM »

Death threats for Trinidad town mayor-elect Judith “Babie” del Rosario – Cajes remained high and danger is feared to reach its peak as PNP provincial director Edgardo C. Inking remained numb over the incoming mayor’s request for immediate transfer, retention and replacement of certain police personnel in the said town.

Cajes who shall assume office as municipal mayor by noon of June 30, 2007, feared for her safety after series of death threats that begun to flood in from the camp of the political contenders during the campaign period which continued to prevail at present.

Cajes also said that the specific police personnel whom she requested to be transferred, must be immediately relieved from their assignment in Trinidad town since these personnel have blatantly and explicitly participated in the local elections supporting the then mayor Osias Flor who was recently seeking for reelection but have failed to win.

She issued the statement as administrative and possible criminal cases are being prepared and are to be filed against the said policemen. The said policemen can easily threaten the witnesses while the said policemen are still assigned in the town. Hence, the delay in the execution of their respective affidavits and the difficulty in securing police detail order and other documents in police files.

In the letter response of Ingking dated June 21, 2007, he said that such request could not be acted upon prior to the concurrence of the concerned local chief executives. This has been taken by the concerned camp as an irresponsible response to a very dangerous situation.

Ingking’s position was rebutted by Cajes saying that Ingking limited his position to the process of swapping which is not the sole and the only process to get the said policemen out from the town. She further said that Ingking can temporarily or permanently assign the said policemen to the provincial police office.

Cajes emphasized that the position of Ingking is not supported by the provisions of Republic Act 8551, which amended RA 6975 wherein the whole of Title VIII, does not require the concurrence of the mayors concerned in the process of relief of personnel.

On the part of her husband, re-elected second district congressman Roberto Cajes said that he does not agree with the position of the Ingking on the matter. He further said that if those policemen remained in Trinidad, then the safety of his wife is remains uncertain.

He added that witnesses and evidence can attest that the said policemen whom his wife requested to be transferred were publicly known in the town to be die-hard supporters of the out-going mayor as. Hence, their continued presence is by itself a grave danger.

It can be recalled that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) of the province had included the town of Trinidad among the “hot spot” or special areas of concern. Hence, this established the existence of real and eminent danger to the life of the mayor-elect her party-mates who all won against the candidates of the ejected Jun Flor.

Observers and supporters of the town’s incoming administration also expressed their doubts as to Ingking’s commitment for security of the leaders duly chosen by the people and for the peace and order situation in the town tf their request remains unattended on or before their assumption to office on June 30, 2007.

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