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Author Topic: Soshace Expands Business Model to Include Recruitment of Onsite Developers  (Read 37 times)


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Soshace, an IT Hiring Platform, Will Now Provide Both Remote and In-House Web Developers

Today, Soshace, an online hiring platform that connects IT professionals and companies, announced the expansion of its business model to incorporate both remote and in-house web developers. After four years of productive work and more than a hundred of successfully completed projects, Soshace realized it was time to expand its services to cater to the businesses who prefer to employ web developers onsite.
“The demand for software development work is constantly growing. So far, we’ve been serving mostly startups, small, and medium-sized businesses which are more than ever in need of reliable software development services that are also inexpensive,” says Soshace CEO Nikita Bragin. “But as our business grows, we observe the tendency and demand for in-house development from bigger companies with mature managerial processes who prefer to have developers in the office but are still willing to save up on hiring costs. We decided to fill in the niche and cater to all businesses who seek affordable options in the software development industry.”
Features and benefits of service include:
All candidates go through a rigorous four-stage selection process: CV screening, initial interview with an HR manager, professional skills test, and online coding.
The hiring and pre-vetting of developers are free.
Customers can hire developers both via a one-time payment and in installments.
Customers are guaranteed to get the money back if they don't think a developer is a good fit.
For remote web developers, Soshace continues to offer a trial period of 40 hours of web development work during which a client can test the candidate’s programming skills and make up their mind on further employment.
About Soshace: Soshace is an online hiring platform that connects IT professionals and companies worldwide and a top recruiting agency according to Clutch. Soshace provides hand-picked and verified Angular, React.js, Node.js, Python, and Java web developers, programmers, and software engineers for remote and on-site positions.

The demand for software development work is constantly growing

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