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SysKit, a software development company recognized for its innovative enterprise solutions, just released a new Office 365 product - SysKit Point. It is created to empower all stakeholders to automate IT tasks and ensure security and control over all Office 365 services - SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

SysKit Point, the newest SysKit tool, is officially out. With collaborative Office 365 governance reporting, extended contextual Office 365 audit logs storage, and various security, compliance and analytics metrics, SysKit Point presents an all-in-one Office 365 governance solution. In the text below, discover more about SysKit Point’s features.
Controlled delegates governance via web access
SysKit Point is a web app, with role-based access security included. It supports the entire organization and allows collaborative governance between stakeholders in the company. Every stakeholder can access the app within their own scope of permissions within Office 365. Global admins have full access, while site owners, group and team owners can access sites, groups, and teams within their domain.
Collaborative Office 365 governance
Role-based access to the app allows different users to use it according to their specific needs. Admins can delegate some of their management and governance duties to business users and focus on global security and configuration of a tenant. Business end-users are empowered to govern and report on their subordinates and the content they own. CSOs, compliance officers, and auditors can make use of the app as well, monitor user activity and make sure the company complies with their governance and security policies.
Office 365 inventory and changes tracking
Data will be automatically synced when starting the app for the first time, showing the entire Office 365 inventory. With every following use, the changes that occurred will be automatically shown, for easier management of the Office 365 platform.
Extended Office 365 audit logs reports
SysKit Point collects admin and end-user activities inside Office 365 allowing companies to detect any unauthorized changes or potentially malicious activities. It offers unlimited and unrestricted access to the entire history of audit log entries, which presents a welcoming shift from the built-in 90-day limitation of the Microsoft E3 license. The cost savings is an additional bonus, as SysKit Point comes at only a fraction of the price of a Microsoft E5 or additional AAS Premium licenses.
Advanced Office 365 sharing reports
The app offers the most advanced sharing reports for Office 365. Users can explore every detail of shared content throughout Office 365, including who shared it, who has access to it, and what type of access each user has. This includes all types of external sharing that might be happening within the tenant. The biggest innovation the app has to offer is the option to remove all guest access given via links, including anonymous and company links.
To learn more about this ultimate Office 365 governance solution, visit the SysKit website, and schedule a personalized demo tour with one of the qualified customer success representatives for more details.

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