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Author Topic: Attila Security Announces NIAP Common Criteria Certification for Silent Edge Enterprise Server and G  (Read 70 times)


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Certification Ushers in a New Level of Easy to Use Security for Government Communications.

Attila Security, a leader in IP security, announced today that two of its advanced security solutions have achieved the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria certification.
The Common Criteria certification validates that a product meets strict security requirements for U.S. National Security System procurement. NIAP is the U.S. Scheme within the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA), which is mutually recognized by 31 member countries.
The two certified products are the Silent Edge Enterprise Server (SEES) and the GoSilent mobile client. These products enable secure VPN connectivity to be set up from any IP device with only two clicks, using a client smaller than a typical wallet. With the NIAP Common Criteria certification, these solutions are eligible for procurement, and are now available across the government.
“These certification processes are extremely rigorous, and having two products certified simultaneously is very unusual,” said Vesh Bhatt, Co-Founder and CTO, Attila Security. “This standard is set by government, and our solutions passed with flying colors. This sets the stage for continued adoption of totally secure communications that are also totally simple to set up from anywhere. Nation-state level security has never been so easy to implement and use.”
The SEES is a purpose-built virtual appliance that provides a high-performance NIAP certified firewall, VPN gateway/server and centralized management of GoSilent Clients. It offers system administrators a simple and intuitive web based management console.
The GoSilent mobile client is a portable enterprise-grade firewall and VPN. It’s ideal for sensitive communications, and is the first solution that makes it possible to physically separate the two layers of encryption.
GoSilent fits easily into a pocket, purse or briefcase for mobile security from anywhere by anyone. It offers plug-and-play security for any IP-enabled device (i.e., laptops, tablets, smartphones, loT, and legacy devices). GoSilent takes away all the risk typically associated with Internet connectivity over unsecured WiFi.
“This certification success is a direct result of the passion for simplified endpoint security that led us to launch Attila,” said Gregg Smith, CEO, Attila Security. "Our award winning GoSilent technology was designed to protect our nation from advanced cyber attacks, zero-day threats, and data theft. These certifications will now help more agencies put these advanced products to work protecting their communications and their data.”
About Attila
Based in Fulton, MD, Attila mobilizes security at the edge where cyber threats matter. The company's award-winning GoSilent technology was designed to protect governments and enterprises from advanced cyber attacks, zero-day threats, and data theft. Built for the cloud world where traditional network perimeters have disappeared, GoSilent helps global enterprises protect their most valuable asset - DATA - wherever it resides. By providing visibility, control and threat defense across physical, virtual and cloud applications, Attila protects government and enterprise from the tidal wave of breaches and cyber crime estimated to cost the global economy more than $400 billion on an annual basis. GoSilent technology protects governments and enterprises across the globe with immediate results. Read more about Attila's products and solutions, or visit its blog to get the latest news and updates.

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