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Tirol and Dela Serna Were Not Informed

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Tirol and Dela Serna Were Not Informed
« on: August 09, 2007, 01:03:11 PM »
By Kit Bagaipo
The Bohol Chronicle

Two members of the Bohol Light Company Inc. (BLCI) board of trustees denied having received notice on the looming power rate increase.

This was learned yesterday during a dyRD interview with former Gov. David Tirol and former OIC Gov. Victor dela Serna.

Both Tirol and Dela Serna represent the provincial government's 30-percent stake in Bohol Light.

The two former governors urged concerned consumers to attend the public hearing slated tomorrow and Friday at the Governor's Mansion that will be presided by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)
According to Tirol, he only knew of the public hearing for the unbundling of power rates and the corresponding hike recently.

Dela Serna, disclosed in a separate dyRD interview yesterday, there is a requirement under the joint venture agreement (JVA) between the provincial government and the Salcon Group that any proposed rate adjustment must be done with the consensus of the board of trustees.

He was not advised of the impending increase being applied by Bohol Light, Dela Serna claimed.

According to Tirol, he was asked by Gov. Erico Aumentado to present Capitol's interest in buying back the Salcon shares during Bohol Light's last board meeting in Cebu.

The former governor said, he is consistently supporting the buy-back plan of the province.

Dela Serna for his part, said there is no other way to protect electric consumers from undue rate increases than to reacquire the power and water utility companies.

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