Talibon Nutrition Program

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Talibon Nutrition Program
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Bohol Sunday Post

Mayor Juanario Item called on all newly-elected and newly-appointed barangay officials here to support the municipality's nutrition program by implementing it in their respective jurisdictions.

This was the mayor's message during the seminar-workshop of the newly-elected and newly-appointed barangay officials recently conducted at the municipal session hall.

Barangay captains, barangay treasurers, barangay councilors who chair the committee on health, midwives and barangay nutrition scholars attended the seminar-workshop.

Municipal councilors conducted and initiated the activity to orient the neophyte officials in the correct and proper delivery of health services in the community.

Linkback: https://tubagbohol.mikeligalig.com/index.php?topic=9364.msg90665#msg90665
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