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Share and Care Solar Projects

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Share and Care Solar Projects
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:51:22 PM »
Our "Share & Care Solar" Projects in Danao & Talibon, Bohol.

In December 2016 we donated 135 solar lights to all the high school students in Danao, Bohol that lived in homes without electricity.
We believe that these high school students are the future of the Philippines and deserve whatever help we can give them.
A solar light makes a a very big difference to the student and to all the the family members. 
We were very pleased to find that the solar light actually benefited 410 children living in those homes.

The prime reason was to help these 'disadvantaged' students with their homework, studying and education.
But the long term goal is to help break the continuous cycle of poverty in the province by education, which will in turn help the students with job opportunities.
Nelson Mandela said: "With an education a rice farmers daughter can become a Doctor"
"With an education a fisherman's son can become an Engineer"

We recently revisited these schools and we very pleased to find that the solar light significantly helps the students and their families in many different ways.
Plus most of the students grades had radically improved (by up to 45%) and a number of them had become 'Honour Students' - absolutely fantastic!

Best bonus is that every students family no longer uses or needs the unhealthy & dangerous kerosene lamp.
This is a health and safety issue, getting rid of the kerosene lamp that can cause respiratory diseases, severe burns & its not uncommon to hear of home/s burnt down. Plus it saves the average family approximately 350p month on expensive kerosene.
135 homes x350p =  47,250 pesos a month extra in the community to spend on food etc.
Every kerosene lamp gives off 130 kgs of greenhouse gases a year, so by getting rid of them we significantly help the household and the environment.
Clean air in the home, and with a solar light families feel a lot safer. 

Please find solar light feedback meeting with Danao high school students attached:

In April 2017 we moved to Talibon, and thought it would be good to conduct a similar project here.
After visiting all the eleven public high schools we were amazed that 1,102 of the students lived in homes without electricity.
We personally financed the Share & Care Solar Project in Danao, but this Talibon project was above our means.
With quite a lot of requirements to overcome we put together a grant application to the Australian Embassy in Manila
After several months we have been informed that our application for 1,102 solar lights costing 551,000 pesos has been approved.

The light are currently on order from overseas, and we won't get delivery before the school year ends in early April.
So we intend to carry out the presentations in early June (start of new school year) at each of the eleven Talibon public high schools on different days.
Our solar lights last for 5 years and we purchase them because they have proven to be 100% reliable from Mr Jamie Ayala in Manila.

Sir Jim Ayala is the CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions inc., he gave up corporate life to help rural Filipinos with solar lighting & clean water.
Representatives from Sir Jim Ayala's company will come to the Talibon high school presentations, plus a representative from the Australian Embassy.
We have been very strongly supported in this project by Ma'am Wilfreda Bongalos the superintendent in charge of DEPED Bohol, we will be inviting her as well.
Strong letter of support from the Talibon Bishops Chancellor Rev. Father Gerzon Justiniani, he is very busy but we hope he can also attend at least one presentation.

For your information I have attached an overview of all the information we collected at each Talibon high school
As you can see the solar lights will not only benefit the 1,102 high school students but the 5,729 children living in those homes.

It would be wonderful if your paper could give us some publicity in June because we are then going to start work on our next project in the high schools of Ubay.
I have much more information that I can share with you if you can help us via your media outlets.
I've included an extra couple of documents about the benefits and the danger of black carbon greenhouse gases from kerosene lamps.

We want to grow these "Share & Care Solar Projects in other Municipalities of Bohol so your help to publicise our endeavours are vital.
I've tried to call you but I know you are a busy man, however please contact me when you can at the numbers or emails addresses below.

Thanking you for your time and consideration, .

Yours Sincerely,

Patrick & Jehma Hennessy
Share & Care Solar Coordinators
Kapawan Village, Poblacion Talibon, Bohol
038) 515 5833
0920 703 4882

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