More culprits seen in Pacman forgery

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More culprits seen in Pacman forgery
« on: February 17, 2008, 06:35:15 AM »

The Philippine Star

New names, fresh details should emerge from the mess once the Los Angeles Police Department bares its initial findings on the case surrounding Manny Pacquiao "forged" bank account in LA.

Jinkee Pacquiao said the investigation, which started after it was learned last week that a huge amount of money was being withdrawn from the boxer’s bank account without his knowledge, would spare no one.

"Whoever has any knowledge in what went on will be brought out by the police. The police is digging deep into the case," the boxer’s wife told The STAR Friday.

"Manny said the initial investigation should be out Monday or within the next week. I’m always in touch with Manny. We chat almost everyday and he keeps me posted," she said.

Jinkee was disappointed when news came out that over $180,000 has been withdrawn from his husband’s bank account through checks bearing Pacquiao’s forged signature.

Pacquiao opened a $200,000 account in 2006, and by the time the fraud was discovered, only $19,000 was left. Reports said close to 300 checks were used to siphon the account.

"It’s so sad because Manny trusted these people with everything. Sometimes, Manny becomes so careless. But lessons were learned. I hope we all learn from this," she added.

A couple of names have already come out of the mess, including that of Pacquiao’s personal driver in the US and his second wife. But the driver, Joseph Jose, said he had nothing to do with the mess.

"Tatamaan lahat ng puwedeng tamaan. Manny has left everything to the police. He has given them the free hand so he can concentrate on his training," a Team Pacquiao insider said.

"There’s even information that a transaction, of which the Pacman was unaware, was done using his own laptop. But this is unverified," added the source.

Whenever Pacquiao is in the US, whether it’s for a fight or any personal reason, a group of LA-based Filipinos give him company — wherever he goes, whatever he does.

"Jinkee wants all of them or at least most of them out this time. But it’s really up to Manny. You know Manny. Masyadong mabait," the source added.

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Reply: More culprits seen in Pacman forgery
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2008, 06:44:20 AM »
Oh...oh.....hinaut pa unta nga masakpan nila og molutaw ang tinuod...

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