History of San Miguel, Bohol

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History of San Miguel, Bohol
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San Miguel was once a barangay of Talibon. Formerly this was barrio Cambangay Sur, a part of the town of Trinidad.

Cambangay, its former name originated from the word 'bangay' a kind of weed that thrived in the locality. A farmer was weeding at the time when Spanish soldiers came and asked for the name of the place. Not understanding what they said and thinking that they were asking for the name of the weed he answered 'bangay'. Happy to know, the soldiers exclaimed 'COME BANGAY'. At that time they started calling the place Cambangay.

Cambangay Sur was a rich hunting ground where people migrates from different places of Bohol. When the late President Carlos P. Garcia signed Executive Order No. 107 creating barrio Cambangay Sur into a municipality its name was changed to San Miguel.(the provincial government)

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Re: History of San Miguel, Bohol
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Nganong nahimo man intawong COME BANGAY ang origin nga panahon pa man diay to sa mga Katsila? Dihi sa Bohol, daghan tag mga baryo nga nagsugod og syllable nga "Cam-" ug "Can-" which is roughly translated to "belonging to", or "inhabited by". Mao na nga naa tay Can-ugis, Cantaongon, Canjulao, Cansubayon, Cambinocot, Cambaquiz, Campatud, etc. Cambangay is a common last name in San Miguel. 

Agriculture plays a major role in the economic progress of San Miguel.  In fact, migrants, mostly from Loon, opened new lands for rice farming in Mayana, Capayas, Tomoc, etc.  This significant part of San Miguel's history, however, is never told in its history records.  The same holds true for Danao, Dagohoy, Catigbian, etc.

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Re: History of San Miguel, Bohol
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ah mao diay na apil ang  cam bague cam patok  can opao can lusong can gining.

salamat sa  info.

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milyonaryo na si vito nakakuha ug perlas sa isla berde...