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Author Topic: Political Turmoil in Panglao Island  (Read 3800 times)


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Political Turmoil in Panglao Island
« on: June 22, 2009, 10:50:19 PM »
By Sunday Post

The majority block of the Panglao Sangguniang Bayan, long at loggerheads with Mayor Benedicto Alcala, brought their animosity into a public spectacle, triggered by the demolition of illegal structures along the beach line of Alona , in barangay Tawala.

Breaking its silence as a result of Mayor’s Alcala’s implementation of the 20-meter salvage zone in the beach area of Tawala, the majority members of the town SB said they saw  differently the demolition order as carried out by the town executive.

In a press statement sent last night, the SB through V-Mayor Pedro Fuertes lamented the selective nature of the demolition.

In implementing the order of Gov. Erico Aumentado, the  SB majority asked why Mayor Alcala singled out the structures owned by his political enemies—Kagawads Dennis Hora and Telesfore Mejos, all members of the municipal law making body.

Mayor Alcala used to control the majority  block of the local SB until they broke their friendly ties in the process making them mortal enemies—until this time. Mayor Alcala was left with only one ally while the rest were allied with V-Mayor Fuertes.

In the same statement, the group wondered why only the cottages of Mejos and the family of Hora were demolished while the rest of those who are alleged  to be in the same situation were left untouched.

Contacted for his reaction, Mayor Alcala brushed aside insinuation of selective implementation of the law.

He said as of last report, six illegal structures were already torn down and the rest will be in the next batch up for demolition.

The town mayor also told the Post last night that the Mejos structure was spared from the demolition because the municipal  councilor   begged off to  do the job of demolishing his own establishment.

It turned out that Mejos was only suing for time in order to obtain a temporary restraining order from the regional trial court in the process tying up  the hands of the mayor in implementing the setback requirement for beach front establishments. He did get a TRO.

The mayor also failed to demolish the structure of Paz Trotin of Alona Diver’s Lodge after she also succeeded in getting a TRO.

Justifying the demolition order, Mayor Alcala said he only enforced a previous agreement he had with the municipal council when they were still in good terms.
Mayor Alcala said when they were still in friendly relation with the SB,  the two parties agreed to implement an ordinance enacted by the same SB calling for a 25-meter salvage zone in the Panglao beachfront areas. The governor’s executive order was only for  20 meters from the beach line—meaning, no structures were allowed in this restricted zone. 
The wind blew in a different direction when Mayor Alcala and majority of the SB members had a falling out.

In criticising the mayor of alleged unilateral demolition of violators, the majority councilors also asked why only in Alona.

Citing that many are similarly situated in the same area, the majority  lawmakers asked why in other barangays the same was not implemented.
They cited a case in point the restaurant of former mayor Doloriech Dumaluan which allegedly falls within the 20-meter salvage zone.

The councilors said not only that the former mayor closed a barangay  road by erecting a gate thereon allowing only his guests, family and workers access to the detriment of the nearby fisher folks.

When asked on this question affecting  the Dumaluan property, Mayor Alcala said the Bolod area where the alleged violation located is next in line of the demolition spree.

Another thing that concerned the majority legislators was the act of Mayor Alcala holding office in his residence.

Appraised of this question, Mayor Alcala balked “ so what if I am holding office at home”.
The town mayor said he found no question in holding office in his residence saying that his house is located just a stone throw from the municipal building.

Saying it would be burdensome to their constituents, the lawmakers  said it would be better for the mayor to take a sick leave or he better resign for the good of everybody including himself.   

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Re: Political Turmoil in Panglao Island
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2009, 10:39:58 PM »
mao ni giingon nga weather 2x lang... bitaw let's give a chance to the elected mayor on how he will handle the situation for friends and enemy alike.



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Re: Political Turmoil in Panglao Island
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2009, 11:09:28 PM »
Nganong himuon man nga political ang issue nga gipatuman ra man sa Mayor ang balaod? Kinahanglan tingali ang mag-implement aning 20-meter salvage zone ang provincial government aron wala'y moreklamo ug political bias. Naunsa na man ang Panglao, mura'g explosibo kaayo ang sitwasyon.

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Re: Political Turmoil in Panglao Island
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2009, 12:19:59 AM »
mao ni giingon nga way personalay kay propesyunal man ang trabaho, pero lahi ang kinaiya sa tawo nga wala maandan sa pagsunod sa balaod.



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Re: Political Turmoil in Panglao Island
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2010, 03:50:51 PM »
So what happened now, was there a second batch of the demolition spree? Was the Bolod area experienced demolition? Was the barangay road closed down by Dumaluan opened again by the Mayor for the local fisherfolks to pass? Of course the answers to thise line of questions are in the negative.

It is now very clear that it was really politically motivated. If not, why didn't the Mayor implement it when they were still in friendly terms. Let it should be pointed out the chronological order of the political events in Panglao and more importantly what caused the "falling off" between the Mayor and the Majority members of the Sangguniang Bayan. It was as early as Jan of 2008 when the Mayor called a meeting with the councilors only to force them to enact an ordinance accepting the Mactan Rock company as water distributor in the Alona Beach Area and provide for the corresponding water rates therein. When the councilors asked questions, the Mayor got angry, left his seat and went out to the door, only to go back again and shout at them, "Starting now, we will be enemies!"

Hence it is clear that it was the Mayor who drew the first blood, and continued drawing the councilor's blood by his seemingly "legal" act of demolishing properties of his enemies, when the latter stood their ground and defended the law and their principles.

If it would be the provincial government to implement the so called salvage zone, then it has to implement first Bohol Tropics, which almostt reached the wharf already, and many others in the city, where illegal reclamations already proliferated.

If the local ordinance of Panglao is to be implemented too, it should not limit to the salvaged zone only, as in the same ordinance, there are what are called "density restrictions" and "height restrcitions" which are being freely violated by almost every resort, except the big ones.

Now, talking about the big ones, isn't it a fact that even if they do not have any structure in the salvage zone area in their property, we ordinary tourists and even Panglaoanons cannot pass their prisine seashores? I think it's about time that we know the supposed to be purpose of the salvage zone law is in order to have access to the beach and to the sea and shore. As far as I know, the demolished sturctures of the Mayor's enemies did not hinder passage in their vicinity. So here, we can see that, as far as this implementation is concerned, what is being implement is the LETTER of the law, and not the SPIRIT of the law.

I hope I have expressed my ideas well enough for you guys. Thank you.



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