Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins

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Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
« on: December 27, 2009, 12:55:07 PM »

Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins

Manila Bulletin - Friday, December 25

It was just like the Biblical story of Christmas, almost to the day, albeit more painful and frustrating.

A 30-year-old woman and her husband had to endure 24 hours of painful, frustrating attempts to find a place where she could give birth to premature twins, only to be refused by nine hospitals - most of them government-owned - one after the other.

In desperation, the couple sought help from the media, and their plight finally caught the attention of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who readily directed them to the city-run Ospital ng Maynila, where she gave birth to twin boys on Wednesday, a day before Christmas Eve.

Although the twins were born before their full term, or just seven months, mother and babies are doing well as of Thursday, hospital officials said.

''The first baby came out at 1:59 p.m. and the second at 2 p.m.,'' said Dr. Tawny Anne Cortez-Gaspar, OsMa's senior house officer of the day. She said the twins weighed 1.9 and 2 kilos at birth.

''Yung mother, okay na yun but we will still be monitoring the twins,'' she said.

Marilyn's husband, Leonardo, narrated to the Manila Bulletin how he almost lost his wife and twins two days before Christmas.

Leonardo said their odyssey began Tuesday afternoon in their home in Las Piñas when his wife started having labor pains, although she was supposed to give birth by February yet.

He said they immediately prepared and left their house at 2 p.m. for a government hospital in the city but his wife was refused admission because ''hindi daw nila kaya yung sa situation ng asawa ko.''

Not losing hope, the couple went to another government facility in Sta. Cruz, Manila known to accept mostly charity maternity cases. To their disbelief, the hospital also turned them down.

Leonardo said hospital officials told them that the facility does not have incubators, and would not be able to properly take care of the premature babies.

Marilyn and Leonardo knew they have to find a hospital fast. Time is running out, and so is their meager finance.

From Sta. Cruz, Manila, the couple journeyed to Quezon City to try a medical center on E. Rodriguez Avenue specializing on children, the third governmentrun hospital they tried. Still, no luck.

From Quezon City, they returned to Manila to try another hospital along Rizal Avenue, just beside the Department of Health. Leonardo was sure his wife would be admitted there since it is one of the most advanced government hospitals in the land.

Strike four.

By then, it was already night time, and Marilyn's labor pains were increasing. Desperation has set in.

They next tried for another nearby government hospital in Manila's Tondo District, where they suffered their fifth rejection in the day. The hospital is too ill-equipped for Marilyn's case, they were told.

After Tondo, the couple realized that no government hospital would take them in. They had to bite the bullet.

By late Tuesday night, they were at the upscale and private hospital in San Juan. However, they were still refused admittance, on the ground that they also have no facilities to care for premature twins. Six down.

Their energy and their hopes waning, Marilyn and Leonardo went next to a hospital on Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, the nearest private hospital from Greenhills. Still, no room at the inn.

Their next stop was another government hospital in San Juan City. It way past midnight. Rejection number 8.

Exasperated, they decided to go home to Las Piñas and tried a private hospital in the city. They arrived there at 4 a.m. Wednesday. No Lucky Nine for them.

In desperation, Leonardo said he and his wife decided to go to popular radio station DZRH at the Cultural Center complex along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City and narrated their ordeal.

The station's program hosts decided to ring Mayor Lim and pleaded for help, to which the mayor acted promptly and decisively.

According to Dr. Gaspar of OsMa, Marilyn's water bag had already ruptured when she was brought to the hospital.

''Kaya ang ginawa namin ay sinaksakan na siya agad ng steroids para sa lung maturity. Pumutok na kasi ang bag of water niya at 17 hours na siya naglelabor,'' the doctor said.

She said the steroids and other medical procedures such as administering antibiotics were all intended to ease Marilyn's condition.

Based on initial fetal monitoring, she said the presentation of the twins was a ''cephalic breech''.

''Ibig sabihin nito, yung isang bata nauna ung ulo, yung isa naman nauna ang puwet,'' Dr. Gaspar explained.

She said doctors initially thought the babies had remote chances of surviving because of their delicate condition. But the twins are apparently as tough as their parents, who never gave up easily.

The twins are presently in stable but guarded condition.

''Siguro nakatulong talaga ang steroids. We are hoping tuloy-tuloy na ito,'' she said.

Dr. Gaspar said the family would likely spend Christmas at the hospital.

Leonardo, a father to three other children, said his family could have faced a bleak Christmas had the media and the office of Mayor Lim not intervened.

''Mahirap naman isipin na dahil lang sa kapabayaan ng ating mga ospital ay mawawalan pa ako ng pamilya sa Pasko,'' he said.

''Nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa tulong nila at nairaos din namin ito bago mag-Pasko,'' he added.

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Re: Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
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Thanks be to GOD that all is well, that the babies were delivered and mother as well as twins were okay.
Merry Christmas to that family.

May God Bless them, all the more.
May they be Blessed~~

In Jesus' Name.

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Re: Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
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In-ani jud ang paagi sa Ginoo, mosalig lang kita kay makalosot gihapon. ;)

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Re: Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
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As to my experience, ingun jud ani kasagaran ang diskarti sa mga hospital diri sa Manila louy tawun ka kung wa kay ideposit nga kwarta kay muingon lang sila nga puno na kuno and delivery room unya paadtuon ka sa ubang hospital.

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Re: Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
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timing pud ni nga true to life story just in time for xmas...

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Re: Turned down by 9 hospitals, woman gives birth to twins
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dapat mo conduct si mayor lim ug investigation adtong mga hospitals nga nibalibad. syaro kadugay na nilang nag operate wala gihapon silay incubator? maypa mang manghimoay ug balot naa pa man.

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