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Author Topic: Tagum mayor wants exemption from fireworks ban if implemented nationwide  (Read 128 times)


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Tagum mayor wants exemption from fireworks ban if implemented nationwide

TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte, Jan. 4 (PNA) -- If the ban of firecrackers and other forms of pyrotechnics will push through nationwide under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon would personally request for an exemption given that the city has made it a tradition to embrace the coming of new year.

“The tradition of doing fireworks displays is Tagum City’s way of embracing the New Year with a colorful kick and starting the new calendar with a vibe full of optimism,” Mayor Rellon told reporters on Wednesday when asked of his impression on the New Year’s Day revelry in the city.

The city greeted 2017 with a big bang on Sunday with a grander and more splendid pyro-musical exhibition that was witnessed by thousands of residents. The celebration was held outside the city’s iconic new city hall.

A spectacular 15-minute pyro-musical exhibition sponsored by the local government made that early morning jovial and cheerful as people watched with amazement the early morning night sky painted with a myriad of colors.

The fireworks burst above the 175-foot giant Holiday Tree, synchronized with an animated music to match the heart-pounding experience.

The city government of Tagum spent half a million pesos for this year’s pyro-musical display, a tradition that Tagumenyos and people from nearby towns look forward to every year.

“Every shout and cheer of the measured their happiness. Their presence during the occasion also showed their support to the city government,” Rellon said.

Thus, if President Duterte will push for the declaration of a nationwide ban against firecrackers and fireworks display this year, Rellon said he will personally ask for an exemption.

“I’ll personally write him if he could exempt us because we’ve been doing this for the joy of our people,” he humbly asserted.

The pyro-musical exhibition is part of the 3-hour program slated by the local government at the open ground arena in the city hall every year.

Highlights of the event include a fire dance presentation, sing and dance performances, and the much awaited countdown for the entry of the New Year. (PNA)

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