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More Workers from Philippines Needed in Electronics Sector

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More Workers from Philippines Needed in Electronics Sector
« on: June 14, 2007, 03:48:44 PM »
By Stephen Che
China Post

Some 88,408 Filipinos are working in Taiwan as of April mostly as factory workers and caretakers/nursing aides, according to statistics released by the Council of Labor Affairs.

The statistics indicate that 58,756 Filipinos are working in factories while 26,553 are working as caretakers or nursing aides.

Manila Economic & Cultural Office Labor Representative Reynaldo C. Gopez said that more Filipinos workers are taking part in the manufacturing of electronics such as computer chips, wafers, LCDs, and television parts.

Gopez said that Taiwan electronics companies are keen to hiring Filipino workers due to their English-speaking ability.

Gopez said that Filipino workers have engaged in work commonly coined as the "3 D's" which stand for difficult, dirty, and dangerous and that the Philippine government is addressing the problem.

The strength of the Filipino workers, can also be found in its nursing aides as many foreign Filipino workers have completed studies in nursing institutions in the Philippines, said Gopez.

Combined with their English ability, Filipino nursing aides have an advantage in working in Taiwan, said Gopez.

"With their facility in English, Filipino nursing aides can read the labels of medicine in Taiwan," said Gopez.

Two main government agencies manage the deployment and the welfare of overseas Filipino workers, the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

POEA implements policies relating to overseas workers, works on the marketing of the Filipino workers, and deploys the workers abroad.

OWWA handles situations that Filipino workers may face when they are overseas and attends to their needs when they return to the Philippines.

Gopez said that the Philippine government also facilitates the re-integration of overseas Filipino workers into their homeland when they return.

MECO holds lectures for Filipino workers in Taiwan on how to engage in business even while they are still in Taiwan.

While the Philippine government provides disability insurance for overseas Filipino workers, MECO has also opened offices in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to serve the workers, Gopez said.

Gopez said that he is satisfied with the Council of Labor Affairs' treatment of Filipino workers.

Gopez cites radio programs for foreign workers, awards to outstanding foreign employees, and a day to commemorate deceased foreign workers as examples of the government's fair treatment of Filipino workers.

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