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Drug-related death toll in Central Visayas reaches 195 from July 1-Sept. 5

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CHR 7: Drug-related death toll in Central Visayas reaches 195 from July 1-Sept. 5

CEBU CITY, Sept. 7 (PNA) -- At least 195 persons were killed in connection with illegal drugs in Central Visayas from July 1 to Sept. 5, 2016, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) 7 said.

Of that group, the CHR has summoned police units involved in 44 of these cases so they can review what happened.

Leo Villarino, CHR 7 investigation section chief, said 14 cases are being investigated after some complainants, most of them relatives of those killed, showed up with witnesses.

“They appeared in our office to file the complaints. They were already interviewed as part of the process to get their statements. We are processing their statements,” Villarino said.

The respondents include police officers, soldiers and some civilians, but the official did not have the corresponding numbers during the forum.

But Villarino said the other cases are dormant because of the lack of complainants and witnesses.

Most of the CHR’s initial information is based on media reports, Villarino also said.

Usually, the operating units summoned by CHR are led by high-ranking police officials such as cases of killings during recent raids in Bohol and Cebu.

“We cannot yet release the names of the respondents until we were be able to come up with our final investigation report and our recommendation is aiming for the filing of criminal or administrative cases, or both,” Villarino said. (PNA)

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Re: Drug-related death toll in Central Visayas reaches 195 from July 1-Sept. 5
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Paet. Pila kaha intawoy Bol-anon ani nila... :(

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