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Coconut Fund Sabotage?

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Coconut Fund Sabotage?
« on: August 04, 2008, 02:34:34 am »
By Bohol Sunday Post

      In a recent meeting held in this town, members of the Bol-anon Coconut Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc. (BCFMPCI) unanimously moved to kick out members from Calape chapter for suspected fund sabotage.

      This was after BCFMPCI president Susie Rollete, from Calape herself, revealed that the funds accumulated from check donations to the aggrupation, Coconut Industry Investment Fund (CIIP), was deposited in the Bank of Calape in the name of the BCFMPCI-Calape chapter.

      Rollete, the one who presided the regular meeting, brought to this coastal town, the coconut farmers from the towns Balilihan, San Isidro, Cortes, Antequera, Maribojoc, loon, Calape and Dimiao, upon the invitation of Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr.

      The meeting was mainly intended for member-coconut farmers to plan for their annual election of officers and thresh out interpersonal problems, coordination and money.

      It was after lunch that the agenda on money matters was tackled.

      The big topic all started from the conversation between Municipal Public Information Officer (MPIO) Fred Fuertes of this town and designated Maribojoc TESDA Coordinator Moises Descallar, who represented Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr.

      Evasco was there during the opening program to welcome the farmers and their guests, but designated Descallar to represent him.

      Descallar told Fuertes that the members coming from other towns, except Calape, questioned the status of the checks donated to CIIP.

      Fr. Emie Lavinia, a clergyman whose advocacy is on cooperative development, agreed with the observation.

      Then, majority of those present questioned why the coop is facing closure for non-compliance of reporting regulations.

      On this, Rollete explained that the reporting scheme entails expenses, since all accountabilities are subject to audit by an authorized certified public accountant (CPA), and the coop has no funds to pay for the undertaking.

      After a series arguments, Rollete bared that the CIIP funds was deposited in the Bank of Calape under the name of the BCFMPCI-Calape chapter.

      The information earned for Rollete, the ire of the coco farmers from other towns.

      Right there and then, in mass motion, they lobbied that members from Calape would be excluded from the group.

      It was agreed that the coop will hold another meeting in this town without the Calape group.

      Also present during the meeting were Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Provincial Manager Jun Lago, Engr. Celso Quiao and Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Provincial Chief Mario Limbaga.

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