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Single on a Day for Two

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Single on a Day for Two
« on: February 08, 2009, 04:18:32 PM »
Single on a Day for Two

By Monette Quiogue
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:36:00 02/08/2009

Filed Under: relationships and dating, People, Festive Events (including Carnivals), Lifestyle & Leisure

LET’S face it: Valentine’s Day is for couples. It’s when the prices of flowers are sky high, walk-ins at restaurants are turned away, chocolate sales go through the roof, traffic goes haywire and single, unattached women feel like freaks.

We could shrug off the day and say that it’s all just a commercial holiday fueled by greeting card manufacturers and ad agencies. But at the end of the day, the fact remains: we single, unattached folks feel desolate and alone on Valentine’s Day.

Well, we could wallow in self-pity, lock ourselves in our room till the day is over, drink ourselves into a stupor or bury our heads, ostrich style, ignoring this ignominious day. But what for? Unless we meet the man of our dreams posthaste, we’ll have to repeat this exercise a year from now. So instead of having a one-woman pity party, here are a few tips on how to enjoy being single on this day for two:

1. Spend the day with family.

Yes folks, before you even met your honeys, babes, and darlings, Mom and Dad were there. Go back home and show the people who’ve loved you since birth just how special they are by taking them out for a nice meal, or better yet, haul out that apron and whip up something good for dinner.

2. Gather your posse.

There’s no better time to plan a girl’s night out than tonight. Spending the day with fellow singletons will make you realize you are not alone. You can go out to dinner. And for dessert? How about a round of jokes about all the PDA’s going on around you?

3. Movie night.

If you’re the type who feels a physical twitch somewhere in the chest when you see other couples cozying up, then stay in and make it a movie night. Pick-out films that make you feel good. My personal favorites? Action movies. Give me two hours of graphic violence and senseless killings by a gorgeous leading man. There’s nothing more cathartic than that! Take it from me.

4. Work overtime.

A fine excuse to explain why you’re not out on a date, plus it makes you sound important and indispensable, and even better, it gives you a good reason to avoid the hellish traffic that usually erupts this time of year. Hey, it’s probably going to take you twice the time to get home tonight anyway, so just stay at work, get stuff done and make some extra bucks.

5. Shop, shop, shop.

Nothing puts a bigger smile on a woman’s face than retail therapy. As in, why not pick up a new pair of shoes? Instead of wallowing in your misery, why not step into a pair of high heels and find yourself above it all? And if you do feel some pain, put it down to breaking in your new pair.

6. Take a “Me” Day.

Make today all about the person you should love most: yourself. Go on a trip to your favorite place, sign up for a four-hour deluxe spa package, spend hours at the salon getting a make-over, and so on. Pamper yourself; look good, feel good—for YOURSELF!

So stop feeling sorry for yourself. Lovers need a Valentine’s Day to find time for each other in the midst of all that work and other distractions. Give it to them. As for yourself, you have the rest of the year to feel the love. Now, ain’t that grand?

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