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Part I: Love In Uniform
« on: May 11, 2008, 06:12:05 AM »
Have you ever dropped a scoop if ice cream when you were little? The heart-broken regret you feel as a child. 'I should have been more careful' you thought, but the damange was already done, you dropped it and could only wonder what it would have felt like to have it in your cone. To savor the cool. sweetness of its flavors with all the other children next to the ice cream cart. they were all carefull, they all had their ice cream.
I left Germany December last year. At the time I was living with a man. who i had stayed with for almost 3 years. I had grown to love him but was still very unsure of what would become of us. So I left, as soldiers do, thinking "this is it. I am going to leave the man that I have loved for almost 3 years." I hated leaving. I hated starting over again. But that's what I did. It was part of what kept me alive. So I left.
When I was in California, he called often. Said how much he missed me. Then he moved back to the states, the calls were fewer and far between and all of a sudden the calls stopped. I was upset vut not devestated. I was going to Texas.
A good friend of mine picked me up at the San Antonio airport and she took me to base. I thought I knew where I was going but they changed the companies arround so much since the last time i was there that i was abolutely lost. it was almost midnight and I was lost. Brandi had to be at work at 7 am and she lived 45 minutes away. I had a lot of luggage so I had to stay somewhere. The police station was around the corner, a cab driver was next to it so i decided to ask for directions from one of these guys. they shoud know where im supposed to be. Then, from nowhere, a man drives up and asks me if i need any help. "Yes, yes I do." I put all my luggage in his car and we drove off...

Honest, I didn't do it!

Hippie in Chains

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