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Love Advices....
« on: June 27, 2007, 02:47:15 PM »
With these practical and simple love advice, you can work your way around nearly of any crisis. So don’t give up yet. And better, strengthen your love bonds; as love is richer than all the gold put together and more beautiful than the nature itself.

Build a Bridge of Communication
The best way to enhance any relationship is through communication. If there is open communication there is hardly any room for misunderstanding or secrets. You will feel free and your love life will only turn towards the positive side.

But never use words to hurt someone’s feeling. Words leave a lasting impression whether positive or negative. So speak only good things. And even if you are angry, take control and speak after your anger has subsided. Let your heart do the talking not the ego or the anger.

Listen to Your Sweetheart
Well love not only means to speak but to listen also. This is one love advice that is useful for all relationships. Communication and listening go hand in hand. So understand the importance of both. When your sweetheart wants to say something, give him/her your undivided attention. If you feel you are completely stressed out and can’t give your 100% then say it politely like, “sweetheart can I freshen up and then we can sit and talk?” She’ll surely respect you for being honest. See the situation and react appropriately.

When you are listening, make sure your body as well as your mind is there. You can’t be doing justice to your relationship if you are thinking about something else. An occasional nodding of the head will reassure your partner that you understand what he/she is saying.

Also don’t jump at every sentence to give advice. Let her finish first and then you start speaking.

Praise Your Partner
Praising goes a long way. Most of the time the person we love hear praises least. So remember to praise your beloved once in a while. Leave small thank you chits to show your appreciation. When among friends and family praise him/her for being considerate and helpful. After all even the smallest gesture is an expression of love that should be reciprocated whenever possible.

Say “I am Sorry”
Well in this love advice we are telling you something that you know already and yet it is difficult to implement it. Saying sorry to anybody is never easy. Most of the times our pride comes in our way. But these three simple words are very effective, easily when it can save from building lot of resentment.

So the next time you have a fight, and you are at the wrong end say these simple three words and patch for the lost time. If you are finding it difficult to say it in person, take some help. You can write a big sorry note and pin it on the wall. Or you can write it on small chits on stick ons and leave it around the house. Sorry cards and flowers are also a good way to show that you really mean what you are saying. Let love be the only feeling that you two share, not resentment and misunderstanding.


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xx - Love Advices.... - Love Talk
Re: Love Advices....
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2011, 10:02:44 PM »
very nice thread. thanks. :)
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