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Author Topic: Footnote for Maryhazel_Olaa (reposted from Chin)  (Read 1906 times)


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Footnote for Maryhazel_Olaa (reposted from Chin)
« on: June 04, 2007, 01:50:55 am »
From the uterus of Chin (Tubag Bohol invader):

A message for maryhazel_olaa (our new member tonight):

a. Naturally, offer her free use of one of my kidneys. "Hello, we're so happy you followed mike's trail of breadcrumbs here. Can I offer you one of my kidneys? You don't have to decide now. You can consider it while you find your way around Tubag Bohol."

b. Threaten her into active participation. "If you don't post at least thrice a day, I shall google you, find out where you live, and tell your parents you went to my clinic for a sex change."

c. Grin, and let Mike do the welcoming. At 1:39 in the morning, this option seems to be the most appetizing.

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