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Author Topic: P10-M road concreting project in Inabanga  (Read 1019 times)


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P10-M road concreting project in Inabanga
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:13:20 pm »
Bohol Governor Art Yap together with Mayor Roygie Jumamoy, Vice Mayor Ronnie Jumamoy, BM Franz Garcia and BM Ricky Masamayor led the ribbon cutting and inauguration of the 10-M road concreting project in Inabanga, Bohol.

Gov. Yap cannot contain his joy and gratitude for having been invited in the event and committed to help Inabanga to prosper more.

He admitted that he cannot do everything alone thus he asked for support and assistance in helping and giving back to the people of Bohol. He also mentioned the modernization of hospitals, adding more slots for CPG Scholars and livelihood funds.

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