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Implication of UNO Plan to Partition Palestine (1947)

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Implication of UNO Plan to Partition Palestine (1947)
« on: August 15, 2020, 06:12:52 PM »
Today the Father’s Plan Notched Forward Significantly!
An eTPL31 Opinion

August 13, 2020. It is rare for God’s servants to be privileged to observe a sudden, clearly-discernible leap forward like the one we have seen today – in our studied opinion. The UNO Plan to Partition Palestine (1947) was one such occasion. The official proclamation of the State of Israel (1948) was another ... and the recapture of Jerusalem in 1967 as the main accomplishment of the Six Day War.

In all these events, we observed a perceptible and concrete movement forward in the end-time Plan of Israel’s redemption...

Today we saw the publicly announced agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel as having come to a firm and agreed peace settlement – and the establishment between them of the customary international operational details of trade, diplomacy and other legal matters ... the “Abraham Accord!”

If the agreement is concluded by signatory fulfillment it will be the third such peace agreement of Israel with its Islamic neighbors ... and the first in more than 25 years. That official ceremony is slated to be held in Washington at an upcoming date.
This event certainly seems to be one similar to those already cited – a concrete step forward...
But let’s not mistake the direction this agreement is taking.

In our understanding it shall not lead to the conditions of ‘peace and security’ specified as the national benefit certified to be in place in Israel at the time of the future invasion of Israel by Gog.

Some have posited that Israel shall soon reach a state of peace with its Arab neighbors round about them, thus fulfilling one of the two preconditions of Gog of the land of Magog as he makes his fatal error of enormous proportions – his ill-fated assault on the nascent Kingdom of Israel’s Messiah. (We see today’s amicable agreement as a factor of another sort which we will discuss father down in this article.)

The other specified member of the two preconditions is that Israel shall possess a great ‘spoil and prey’ which Gog covets and intends to take from her.

But the claim by some that Israel NOW possesses those properties is a misconception, in our opinion.
Why so?

Because of the implications of the phraseology itself ... in addition to a completely separate and clear narrative as to how this future accomplishment shall come about!   
‘A spoil, a prey,’ indicates goods captured in warfare or by conflict or even theft.

Today, although a wealthy nation in possession of great reserves of natural gas, of liquid petroleum deposits, and of oil shales (Israel possesses the near equivalence in oil shales alone to equal the liquid petroleum reserves of Saudi Arabia!), Israel does not, at the present time, possess the vast wealth that would satisfy this requirement.
Numerous Biblical prophets have given intimate details as to how Israel shall acquire such vast wealth ... but it is not yet an accomplished fact.

That condition will be achieved by hot conflict with the Islamic nations round about Israel – a subject we have studied and elaborated in numerous articles on the eTPL website (which, please see – address below), so we will not elaborate in depth.
The details are completely laid out in the scrolls of Obadiah, Isaiah 11, Psalm 83, Isaiah 63, Ezekiel 34-37, and Isaiah 59, among other references – over fifty in my personal research.   
In our opinion, Israel’s active annexation of large portions of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan River Valley may play a significant role in triggering that final hot conflict.

It may be appear that this new peace agreement with an Islamic neighbor has blunted that action which PM Netanyahu has proclaimed so boldly; it might seem to have been ‘put on hold’ for the time being.

That is an important consideration. Such an annexation could bring about the massive attack revealed by the prophets which will bring the physical Redeemer (Isaiah 59: 19-21) to Zion as the prophet was inspired to write! It seems to have been delayed somewhat by this surprise peace accord with the UAE...

It is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Netanyahu’s plan for annexation was just a bit premature ... and that time has to be allowed for other preparatory events to come about before he is allowed to put his plan into action. Mr. Netanyahu says the delay of annexation is merely temporary; he was quick to point out that he will merely ‘postpone’ the actions to annex the added territory to Israel proper.
God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!

Meanwhile, it is also reasonable that those faithful followers who expect the imminent return of Christ the Redeemer to the household of faith (and subsequently to Israel and its people) are being comforted and reassured that, although the Plan may seem to be ‘tarrying,’ that it is on perfect track toward its fulfillment in our Father’s own good time. As Habakkuk cautioned, “... the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak (i.e., be done), and not lie: though it (seem to) tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” Habakkuk 2:3. 
We believe that today we have witnessed a tangible advance in the formation of the ‘allies’ (for want of a better word) of Israel – those who are in agreement with Israel and by definition an enemy of Israel’s enemies ... whomever they are, including the future invader, Gog of the land of Magog.

In Ezekiel 38:13, much is made of the question issued by ‘Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish,’ as they query the leader of the Gogian host: “Art thou come to take a spoil ... a prey ... to take a great spoil?”
Close consideration of the text reveals this question to be merely that – an interrogatory of the most urgent sort. These entities are anxious that Gog’s intention is not just to conquer Israel, but to continue on down to their territories as well. Are they “in danger of being invaded??
In the divinely-breathed account, no answer by the Gogian leader is ever given.

We conclude that this is because he and all his bands are to be obliterated before he is able to reply – given that he even intends to reply to them.
Some prophecy students place great emphasis on this question by Sheba and Dedan and the Tarshish influence, concluding that it indicates a force of active resistance to Gog from the lands south of Israel, and that these entities will engage the Gogian host as an ally of Israel.

There is no such scriptural indication that we have ever discovered.
To believe this requires the introduction of other passages of scripture (which are actually irrelevant) and applying them to this conflict.
The diligent student of prophecy must realize that the ancillary factors must be interpreted in the context of – and governed by – the primary account by Ezekiel (38 and 39).

Our conclusion has long been that none of the other prophets’ writings support the conviction that Israel shall have any active allies at this crucial time. Isaiah 63: 1-6 specifically reveals to us that Israel’s main Contender (the returned Christ) shall have ‘NONE of the people with Me,’ in that conflict. I hasten to add, Israel may have some ‘sympathizers,’ but no actively participating ‘allies.’

But today, in our opinion, a significant movement forward has been made public as nations become aligned for the end-time events.

A former adversary of Israel – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – has stated its intention to sign a peace treaty with Israel. In so doing, we believe, the UAE has clearly designated itself as at least one of the components of the entities called ‘Sheba and Dedan’ in Ezekiel’s prophecy. It has declared its agreement with Israel ... and thus become a tacit ‘ally.’
Because ... just where is the UAE located?
It is located at the southeastern end of the Persian Gulf – precisely in the area shown on ancient maps as ‘Sheba and Dedan’ – an area that covers much of the southern Arabian Peninsula including the southern shore of the Persian Gulf. Many of the people living there are Joktani Arabs – descendants of Ishmael (a son of Abraham through Hagar the Egyptian) who work in the oil production facilities located on the Gulf coast.

It is significant to us that the agreement of today is referred to as The Abraham Accord as revealed by President Trump from the Oval Office at its announcement! He said it was because Abraham is the father of the ‘three great faiths’ – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
How could any name be more relevant to end-time conditions?
What do you suppose the UAE’s motivation behind this agreement to have been?

Look at the map.
The UAE is Sunni Islamic in character. It lies mere miles across the Gulf from the most concentrated population of Shia Islamicists – the Islamic Republic of Iran (or Persia) which threateningly overshadows its neighbors to the south. These two factions of Islam absolutely loathe each other – and are now killing each other in the chaotic areas of unrest between the Rivers Nile and Euphrates ... in the precise midst of the Land which the Christ of the Second Advent is coming swiftly to liberate from all of them!

Modern Iran is the ‘Persia’ which is prominently mentioned as a cohort of the other Gogian powers who shall in future time invade (Greater) Israel.
They shall come “from the uttermost north” and meet their collective doom upon the broad expanses of what today is northern Jordan – but which, in that day is “in Israel,” where their vast burial ground is appointed to be established (cf., Ezekiel 38:11), clearly indicating that region at that future time to be a legal part of the kingdom of Christ, in our opinion!

Further details of our extensive and intensive research as to all these end-time expectations may be found on the eTPL website located at this URL:

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