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2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman

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Re: 2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman
« Reply #40 on: April 12, 2010, 08:23:01 PM »
The acacia trees are some of the good-ole treasures of Guindulman. But there are some more. When "she" toppled them down, she knew what she was doing including repercussions (like mayor election) in the long run. She did it because of reasons she thought will serve public. I believe that some of the trees were rotten, looked ugly and were "eye-sores" in front of the newly-constructed public market. I'm sure she did this after consultation with other government officials. As the head of the town or as a leader, she had to decide or make some changes if necessary. Sometimes, they are hurtful but she was voted on to make some easy and difficult decisions.

The Guindulmanons that are living in town have been able to accept what had happened little by little and have moved on. Their lives have changed somehow and they like what she had done so far. She did lots of things and people are satisfied. You cannot judge someone by one bad thing (according to you but not with others) and forget the good ones she did. She impressed lots of Guindulmanons more than Atty. Ondoy Granada had done during numerous terms he served. They see something new in the community with her administration when they are hungry to see them.

Guindulman is one of the "ten biggest towns" of Bohol and has a potential to grow economically and become the next economic flag-bearer of southeastern part of the province, especially when tourism in the Anda Peninsula (Guindulman, Anda and Candijay?) will grow exponentially.

Personally, I think that former Mayor Granada was a failure. He failed to deliver what other mayors of bigger towns of Bohol like Jagna, Talibon, Tubigon, etc. did (talking about lots of so many things) and he should leave Guindulman alone to those who can do better.  He should not have re-run for mayor again. He is shame to the educated Guindulmanons and will continue to do so if he is re-elected.

Let there be progress in our town (and hopefully soon-to-be city) of Guindulman. And let's start planting more acacia trees "outside" public views or poblacion might not be a bad idea for our Guindulmanon great grandchildren to enjoy one hundred years from now.




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Re: 2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman
« Reply #41 on: April 16, 2010, 08:58:00 PM »

Pastilang paita ning akong kahimtang nga lumolopyo kos Guindulman diin may namonoan nga wa kasabot ug unsa ang puesto nga iyang gihuptan.

Among mayor gikan sa United States, which is a nation that enshrines in their more than 100-year old constitution the “freedom of expression”. But she seems not to understand its meaning. Ako raman pud naas media profession sa among lungsod, mao tingale nga kita poy initan.

In the case of our Mayor Fe Piezas, who retired and is now very rich, after working more than 40 years in the US, it surprises me so much. Lahi iyang mentality. She reacts personally on some unpleasant comments from the press, instead of taking it as cue to check on something that her administration may have overlooked.

* * * * *

Every time I wrote in my opinion-column matters that she dislikes, she would call me on the phone and throw unprintable expletives, unexpected from somebody professional and supposedly have grown in a so-advance country like the US.

However, kay naka-eskuela man lage kos seminario, unya parion ko hangtod karon, ako lang gitamdan ang sulte sa Balaang Kasulatan: “Kon sagpaon kas walang aping, itahan pa ang emong pikas aping.”

Busa bisan ug kasab-an kos among Mayor sa telepono, “I Still Love Her.” O’, basin lainon nasad na ninyog sabot ha, silingan raba nako nang iyang bana. Hee .hee.

* * * * *

Karong bag-o, dihay nagsulte nako nga suko nasad kunos Mayor tungod kay dihay “white paper” nga gisabwag ug nagbutyag sa mga anomaliyas munisipyo pero wa gibutang kinsa ang nagpa imprenta.

Ako daw gipasanginlan. Pastilan. Pero, nganong ako man? Wabay laing bright dihas Guindulman? Hinoon, kay love ko lage si Mayor, sige pakasaba lang ta.

And co’s I like my mayor, here is some reminders. Kon mag-mayor ta, dapat andam ta maminaw, modawat sa pagsaway kay kauban na sa trabaho. Ikaduha, sayop nang pagtoo nga kon Mayor ta, kita ang hawod. “Public servant” ka ug magbubuhis mao ang emong amo. In fact, gisueldohan ka, daghan luho nga gihatag nimo, samas air-condition office, cars, allowances ug daghan pa, gikan sa kuartas katawhan.

Dili ta labaw sa uban. Please wake up from such illusion.

* * * * *

Sa laing bahin, kanang “white paper” – dili importante kon kinsa man ugaling ang nagpa imprenta ana. Ag unahon unta sa Mayor mao ang pag pasabot sa mga Guindulmanon, kon ang mga isyo dili man ugaling tinood. Samay labot ni Fred Amora. Kon ako mosulat, ibutang nako akong ngalan, may picture pa; - diko magtago. Waman ko mapari, tingale kining akong trabaho sa media maoy laing mission nga gihatag sa Diyos nako.

Dinhi ko nagpakabuhi (wako madato) ug anhi nasad ko mamatay; ug si bisan kinsa, y*&^% ug Anghel, diko sibugan!

Maayo nang klarohon tani. I don’t wish to live forever!



Re: 2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman
« Reply #42 on: April 16, 2010, 10:41:35 PM »
Mr. Durex insakto ka sa imong kaugalingon na punto. pero kung imong subayon sa kinatibuk-an nga bahin sa issue nga ilang gipagawas as mentioned in the white paper walay lain mapasumanginlan  kundi ang opposition group lang gyud which is obviously they are against to our current Mayor.... kay gusto sila nga molingkod ug utro sa lungsod.... Ang guindulman naghimata na sa kamatouran.

Technically its a despirate move and tactics sa opposition group kay wala silay lain ikabato against sa ni mayor peizas.... tungod kay poro kaayohan sa mga guindulmanon ang nahatag ug nahimo ni Mayor Fe Peizas sa iyang UNANG TERMINO.... Hayag pa sa adlaw nga tanan tanan imong makita sa imong duha ka mata....  ug kung naa pakay panahon hala susiha tobook guindulman kung unsa ang kalahian sa mga niaging mga leader nga walay nahimo........ Looy ang guindulman sa nilabay nga decada tungod kay ang atong mga leader wala magpakabana sa atong lungsod....


Re: 2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman
« Reply #43 on: April 16, 2010, 10:43:59 PM »
Basta kung kinsa tong leader nga naay nahimo sa lungsod mao toy atong suportahan...




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Re: 2010 Official Candidates - Guindulman
« Reply #44 on: May 11, 2010, 05:55:42 AM »

Kinsa kaha ang mga naka daog ug kinsa pud ang way suerte ?

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