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Tuob as Immune Booster

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Tuob as Immune Booster
« on: July 07, 2020, 12:33:18 AM »
By Ric V. Obedencio
‘Tu-ob,’ “Immune booster” - doctor

PANGLAO, Bohol - Despite claims by some medical experts that ‘Tu-ob’ or steam inhalation cannot cure COVID-19, Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan, a practicing doctor of medicine, said that ‘Tu-ob’ may not be the cure but it’s an immunity booster.

He admitted that the doctors are divided over the steam inhalation considering that there’s no scientific study of that, so far.

Dumaluan, in an interview with media on Saturday, endorses to locally stranded individuals (LSIs) to practice it. “I would encourage this,” he said, he is practicing it.

If one’s is feeling he has influenza like symptoms, he should not wait for days for it to subside but immediately take “Tu-ob.”

He said that just like going to a sauna bath, taking “Tu-ob” is a stress reliever since after a few minutes in inhaling steam from hot water one started to perspire and his body is throwing toxins from his body.

“Tu-ob” attempts to neutralize activities of the cells that make one feeling refreshed or relaxed, he said.

It is said that “Steam inhalation involves the introduction of warm and moist air into the lungs through the nose and the throat and thus allowing the blocked passages to get cleared and provide relief from the congestion. Apart from this, steam inhalation is beneficial in improving circulation and more importantly when done with essential oils or certain herbs added to the steam benefits you from eradicating the respiratory ailments in the most miraculous way.”

The usual practice of “Tu-ob” is having a container of hot water and keeping your head over it; covering the head with a towel and keeping eyes closed. One needs to make sure steam or the warm moist air does not reach your eyes and take deep breath while doing steam inhalation.

There are also electric steam inhalers in the form of a movie ticket booth that one can buy like what Dr. Dumaluan has shown to the media in the course if the interview. This one is operated by plugging the wire provided to the power outlet.

But Dumaluan said that anybody may create his own or a modified one in a form of a box that may not be expensive. One has just to do is to put a pan of hot water under the seat inside the box, seat there for at least 15 minutes and start inhaling the steam coming out from the hot water.

Dr. DUmaluan believes that virus would be eradicated from the body for the two conditions: One is that virus may not multiply if the temperature is not favorable to them, so the more heat the more they can’t survive.

Virus rapidly multiplies if one’s cells of the body are acidic. This is favorable to them, hence, neutralize the acidity which he refers to “ph.” So, one has to take alkaline water so blood circulation improves, he said.

Additionally, to improve one’s immune system to fight the virus, one has to take exact diet, eat fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, take a sun bath for vitamin D and other vitamins needed.

If one’s immune system is strong or activated, then one’s body is ready to fight the virus, Dumaluan stressed.’

For Gov. Arthur C. Yap, who himself practices “Tu-ob,” steam inhalation is a “home remedy.” He said during the PressCOn on Friday that his father taught him of this. Though he answered this not as a doctor but as a practitioner, he said that he is avoiding the query.

Dr. Ellan Lyll Salada, a infectious disease specialist of the Department of Health (DOH) assigned at Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, steam inhalation produces aerosols. And these (aerosols), if coming from a symptomatic “Tu-ob” user may spread and contaminate to other persons.

She warned the users to be careful to use it properly, citing the group of Philippine Microbiology.

Aerosol is “a suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas. Smoke, fog, and mist are aerosols.”

Earlier, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan has endorsed the practice of “Tu-ob.”

Provincial Board Members Dr. Elpidio Bonita and Jescelo Adiong, Bohol president of Phil. Councilor’s League- Bohol chapter, sponsored the “Tu-ob” resolution recently. (rvo)

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