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Traffic Violation in Bohol

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Traffic Violation in Bohol
« on: January 29, 2011, 09:06:06 AM »
Boholanos, especially Tagbilaran City residents, are quite annoyed by countless traffic violations being perpetrated in broad daylight and yet no one seems apprehended and nothing seems to be done to correct the wrongs.

This was one of the concerns raised during the Bohol Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting by one city resident who voiced out her exasperation pointed at the police, traffic enforcers, the Land Transportation Office (LTO), and all other concerned agencies.

Another issue raised during the meeting is the rampant usage of commemorative plate numbers with “Mayor,” “Councilor” and other similar labels put on vehicles instead of the usual and correct plate number issued by the LTO.

LTO Chief Joel Maloloy-on corrected the notion that these special plate numbers issued to politicians and prominent personalities is a special privilege given by the government to these people.

Maloloy-on said that he would like to make it known that these “special” plate numbers are not allowed. Only those which are given to congressmen and other top brass people in government are allowed by our laws, he further clarified.

Gov. Chatto even pointed out that during his term in Congress, he did not make use of similar commemorative plate numbers given to him for he did not want the kind of “special treatment” bestowed on its bearers.

The issue on the request for deputation of police officers to help in the implementation of traffic laws was also raised and Maloloy-on assured the council that he would get his superiors’ approval from the LTO Regional Office in Cebu the soonest time possible for according to him, LTO Bohol has only a meager number of personnel and they would be more than grateful to get all the help they could get from other agencies to arrest violators.

Maloloy-on however further clarified that policemen can still apprehend and file cases against road and traffic violators who are caught “in flagrante” even without TOPs, which was also supported by Provincial Prosecutor Macario Delusa.

According to Col. Barot, the City of Tagbilaran has its own traffic unit which is the lead agency in the implementation of operational traffic standards within city limits and the BPPO’s role is only to support it.

However, Barot said that the BPPO is unwavering on its stand in implementing the “No Plate No Travel Policy” in the whole province for it was observed that most of the crimes committed against persons and property are being perpetrated by those who are “riding in tandem” sans plate numbers and this is one of the reasons of their request for deputation which, he hopes, would be approved immediately.

As to the issue on “fixers,” the LTO Chief said that his concerns are those transactions which are happening within the four walls of the LTO and those involving its personnel only and that he has no control of those people who are “outside” his grasp.

Chatto assured the Bohol PPOC that the Chatto-Lim Administration will give its full support to the council and that quick response teams and units which are similar to America’s 911 would be put into place to help solve and curb crimes in Bohol. (jlv/EDC0m)

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