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Refreshing Words for Women by Darlene Sala

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Refreshing Words for Women by Darlene Sala
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Refreshing Words for Women
by Darlene Sala

When you feel tired and drained because of all your responsibilities; when it seems that all you have are troubles, not hope or rest; when you can’t find time for yourself, more so for quiet moments with God.

Refreshing Words for Busy Women: Daily Breaks to Recharge Your Soul will renew, restore and revive you.

These 365 short selections – one for each day of the year – are meant to replenish you with the energy that comes from the life-giving power of God’s Word. Like a warm, relaxing chat with a friend, these pages will help you lift your focus from your circumstances to the Lord.

ISBN: 978-971-0495-84-9

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