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BIO ENZYME PLUS - the Wonder Juice

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BIO ENZYME PLUS - the Wonder Juice
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 Produce from all natural 100% pure health drink taken from natural extracts .  It helps in the complete  of food digestion, body system cleansing, neutralizing the effect of free radicals and body nourishment. It has no chemical additives and does not contain any preservatives. Enzymes are protein carriers charged with energy, and act as catalyst. Catalyst  Speeds up or hastens chemical reaction.Based on the latest scientific research – only 10% of all diseases are caused by GERMS and 90% of the diseases are  caused by FREE RADICALS.  Most of the recent Research—FREE  RADICALS    100% cause of all the DISEASES.  FREE RADICALS  in  SCIENTIFIC  : extremely reactive and unstable chemical species having unpaired electron that reacts with body molecules. They come from internal and external sources.  In LAYMAN:  Toxic chemicals produced by our body during  the process of metabolism, microbial killing and bio-chemical terrorists inside our body that cause cell damage and leads to such diseases as cancer, diabetes, arthritis , asthma,  sars , aids, epilepsy, lupus, goiter, ebola, ADHD, parkinson’s disease,  ALS disease, hemorrhoids, hepatitis A to H, tuberculosis, heart disease, sudden  death  infant syndrome (SIDS), SUDS ( sudden unexpected death syndrome) Meningo Coccemia,  and dengue. Free Radicals are similar to TERMITES  in wood, RUST in metals and PESTS in plant. The HUMAN BODY  is made up of approximately 100 trillions of cells. Cells form tissue, tissues form to organ, organ form to system, systems form to our Human body. When Free Radicals attack and damage the cells , damaged the tissue, damages organ , damaged system this cause diseases.  Other outside factors of  free radicals  pollution, alcohol, radiation, pesticides, smoking,  drugs, preservatives and stress.

     NOW, with systemic enzyme therapy , thru  enzyme free radicals will  convert into  water .  But where can we get enzyme, from unripe  fruits and raw vegetables.  Research made found out that enzyme called
PAPAIN  in Russia, it is called Magic Enzyme, why? Because it cures all diseases. But where can we get papain?  It can be found in  papaya specially in the Philippines. But it must be unripe papaya .  In Germany, researchers found that  Enzyme   called BROMELAINE “  it acts like pipe cleaner in the arteries”. It cleanse the blood vessels so it is lower    hypertension and cures  heart diseases .  One of the function of bromelaine is anti-inflammatory, so its also repaired and function   the   vital organs and bromelaine can be found in pineapple .  Then ,  scientists also found out the other kind of enzyme the phyto-chemical called OPC (Oligomeric Proantho Cyanadine.  It is good to treat cancer , This can  be found in the seeds of the grapes. 

     That’s the reason, a group   of scientists and inventors in Russia, in Japan and now in the Philippines, Had  develop ENZYME in the form of JUICE. The BIO ENZYME PLUS ! “It is an enzyme supplementary product from a variety of fruits, such as papaya, pineapple, grapes, apple, guava, sugarcane  and herbs.  Bio Enzyme is a cocktail of highly concentrated enzymes.  Once you drink the BEP  it will work and scavenge the free radical and neutralize and convert it into water and  cleanse the body which free radical had causes all the diseases which causes the  damaged of cells, tissues , organ and systems which was explained  in the issue.   Bio Enzyme Plus  has its characteristic all natural, dose dependent and priority management.

      It has a rich source of food nutrients. The need of replenishment can easily supplied by bio enzyme to reinvigorate the body, recover easily from diseases and maintain active and healthy life. It is considered as a pure natural health food supplement not as a drug or traditional medicine. It is a kind of fruit juice that has a common compound that has the potential to manifest so many beneficial applications for human health.  That is the reason why many of taking bio enzyme  claim that they were cured of their illnesses.  The claim made by those who have tried it, seemed genuinely amazing. Developed and formulated by a Filipino Herbalist. Approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) in the Philippines.

        Normal Dose – 1 cap 3x a day
        Mega Dose  -     2 cap 3x a day
        Super Dose -     3 caps 3x a day
        Bombing Dose – ½ to 1 bottle a day

Can be taken anytime during the day, but specially at night before retiring. Can be taken pure or can be diluted with water as juice (mix 1 cap of Bio Enzyme Plus with 8 ounces or 1 glass of water.) For topical use, mix one (1) teaspoon of Bio Enzyme Plus to 4 Ounces of water (half glass) preferably distilled or cold  water Can be also applied pure.

Can be used for:
Eye, ear and nose drops – 2 drops/session, at least 6 times a day.
For severe cases – no dilution. Can be used  for washing fruits and
Vegetables to wash out chemicals  .

                                          Scientist Linking Enzymes to Longevity

In the next 20 years enzyme – an energized protein that act as transporter of food nutrients to the entire body system – will be a modern term of mankind who desire to live long, medical scientists are now linking enzymes to longevity, and more people are realizing its many benefits to health.

Dr Edward Howell, a pioneer in enzyme research and author of Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept and Food Enzyme for Health and Longevity calls enzymes for Health  and Longevity calls Enzymes as the Spark of Life, “ They run your entire body because you could not digest or absorb food and die without them,” he says.  Indeed, Enzymes play a major role in boosting the body immune system against all kinds of diseases and aging. To attain proper nutrition for the repair and maintenance of over 100 trillion cells of the body tissues scientists say that the body needs 45 essential food nutrients, 55 % carbohydrates,  30% fats, 15% proteins, nine kinds of amino acids 13 vitamins and 19 minerals.  These are called co-enzymes because they cannot absorb in the body without the enzyme. Without the enzyme these co enzymes are just a  pile of lifeless chemical substances  that are expelled out of the body through stools, sweet and urine with some eventually decaying in the digestive system causing chronic digenerative diseases, explained Dr Howell . Like an electric current that gives power to a light bulb enzymes in our body is our body’s life force. In the same was as enzyme is known as our body’s work force, they build, repair and maintain our cells, tissues and organs. “ enzymes are like skilled  workers that build our house, Construction workers such as carpenters, painters, masons, plumbers, electricians and other work together to build, repair and maintain houses of buildings.

 Scientists explain that the major functions of enzymes are to help  Digest food completely, neutralize free radicals or toxins, balance health condition, and provide nourishment to the body.

The major types of enzymes are metabolism, digestive and food enzymes. The metabolic enzymes are responsible for  building, repair and maintenance of the body’s metabolism that includes tissues and
Cells of the entire body organs while digestive enzymes help in the digestion of food from salivary glands to the stomach , small intestine and the pancreas.Food enzymes are the raw food that we eat. Metabolic and digestive enzymes repair natural enzymes in the body that work together. Human beings have a reserve natural enzymes since birth. “ But  As we grow older, enzymes deplete due to pollution, toxic chemicals,
Unhealthy food, unsafe drinking war, and poor lifestyle.”

Although vegetables and fruits contain enzymes, these are destroyed in organic farming, transporting, storage, cooking, refining and in the microwave oven.  Raw food contains enzymes, but due to improper
and unsanitary handling, parasites and bacteria thrive that when they  enter into the body, these may cause digestive and liver damages or food  poisoning.  Recent medical findings revealed that while the role of digestive enzymes, like salivary amylase and typsin  is to help the organ digest food properly so that the body can get proper nutrients, the metabolic enzyme catalyzes chemical reactions, including the
participation of oxygen enzyme known as cytochrome oxidase.

Newborn babies have plenty of supplies of digestive and metabolic Enzymes, that’s why they grown faster even without solid food.  This is also the main reason why their bowels are not foul smelling. However,
from infanthood to adulthood, digestive and metabolic enzymes wear out  and enzyme deficiency takes place.  Enzyme deficiency leads to toxemia cycle – undigested  food remains in the intestine and slowly
decomposing into toxic materials.  These toxic substances are absorbed by the blood and sent along the liver to be detoxified.  Oftentimes, the  liver becomes overworked and unable to properly detoxify, then toxin multiplies and enter into the blood systems, which result to toxin rooming freely throughout the body.

In treating enzyme deficiency, food enzyme like fruit enzyme is necessary.  Fruit enzyme is derived from careful and delicate extraction of enzymes from fruits such as papaya, pineapple, grapes, apple, guava and sugar cane. Unlike juice extraction, the fruit enzyme extraction is so  fragile that needs the supervision of expert enzymologist or microbiologist.  The enzyme therapy is the natural and alternative way of restoring supply in the body through fruit Enzyme.  A person lacking in fruit enzyme can get older and faster and becomes susceptible to infectious,  degenerative  and chronic diseases. Taking fruit enzymes, ideally before and after meals assures complete digestions, reversal  of aging, strengthening of immune systems, control of weight, prevention of allergies and elimination of all forms of skin disorders .  This also marks skin look younger.


     10 yrs old and up – 15 tbsp. twice a day Below 10 years old – 7 tbsp twice a day

   Same as fever

  Bombing dosage (1 bottle per day)

  10 tbsp. twice a day    NOTE:  Do not remove maintenance medications  until blood pressure normalizes but you have to drink the bio enzyme plus one (1) hour after taking your medicines otherwise your medicines will be wash out or cleanse by the Bio Enzyme Plus.
  Bombing dosage ( 1 botle  per day )

   Bombing dosage ( 1 bottle per day)

    12 years old above – 15 tbsp. twice a day

                           1st  stage - 20 tbsp. twice a day
                           2nd stage – mega to bombing  dosage
                           3rd stage- bombing dosage
                           NOTE: Patients will usually experience a series of
                                         Drying and flaring of psoriases until it cure
   Mild – no numbness and other symptoms, 15 to   20 tbsp. twice daily, or 1 bal in 4 days
  For those unable to close the fist, raise hands and its   bed ridden w/ a slurred speech –Bombing
  dose (1 bottle  Per day)

 15 tbsp twice daily to bombing dose    (unless heart complication)

    15 tbsp. twice daily or enzyme juice therapy
     500 ml. Mixture of Distilled Water and enzyme
      3x daily (at minimum), or  combination of both.

 15 to 20 tbsp. twice a day

  On dialysis but urinating-normal dosage to   15 tbsp. 2x a day
  Non-urinating – 7 tbsp. or below per intake,  twice per day

   Bombing dosage One bottle a day

   15 tbsp. twice daily

    Bombing dosage

   Bombing dosage-spray twice per day (pure)

   7 – 15 tbsp. twice daily, to bombing  (depending on severity)

   Gargle 2 to 3 times daily, then swallow

   Bombing dose ( 1 bottle per day)

   15 tbsp. 2x a day (if heart complication)

    Gastric – tbsp. twice daily
            NOTE: in case of sensitivity, take after meals

   Astigmatism – 1 drop per eye, 3 to 8 x a day
   Sore eyes – 1 drop, 6 to 8X a day
   Glaucoma – same as cataract

    Not bleeding – 7 tbsp 2 x a day
    Bleeding – 15 tbsp 2 x a day
    For faster result – bombing dose 1 bottle a day

15   to 20 tbsp 2 x a day

    10 yrs below – 7 tbsp 2 x a day

     Massage on scalp 2 to 3 hrs before bedtime
     Then wash and rinse

     Apply topically as often as possible

    Mega to bombing dose
    For children , minimum of 1 tbsp per hour

    Normal dosage – 7 tbsp per day
    For woofing cough – mega dose with bio herb tea

    By centimeters, if without findings by doctor
    Up to 3 centimeters, 20 tbsp 2 x a day
    More than 3 centimeters , mega to bombing dose


 Bombing dose 1 bottle a day


    Mega to bombing dose

    15 to 20 tbsp 2 x day


   “My wife takes Ferro-Sulfate nightly due to Anemia.  However, after taking megadoses of BIO ENZYME PLUS, she experienced sound sleep.  That is, without taking the regular Ferro-Sulfate capsules.  Likewise, the usual dizziness is gone”.
-   Mr. Bong Salazar, Meycauayan, Bulacan, Phil.
“My child is often bothered by asthma and ulcers.   After taking BIO ENZYME Plus for 3 weeks, the troubles went away.  I noticed the increase in weight which makes him look a lot healthier.
-   Mrs. Luz A. Arabe, Calendola Village, San Pedro, Laguna
     “During my wife’s second pregnancy, she started taking BIO ENZYME Plus.  The good results became very obvious when my child was born a healthy baby.  My baby does not get sick easily, and even when he does, he does not show the usual sick feeling of babies in similar condition.  Unlike other babies he does not lose weight at all when sick”.
 – Mr Tan, Sucat, Paranaque

     “For the past several years, I have been hypertensive as I was afflicted with diabetes.  After continuous 3 weeks of taking BIO ENZYME PLUS, I notice that I am feeling a lot better as my blood pressure is back to normal levels, while my blood sugar has normalized, too.  Now I can go shopping or go to market without being aided by my granddaughter.”
-   Mrs Vangie Alawi, Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna
     “Thanks to BIO ENZYME PLUS.  After my continued use my ulcer is gone, while the cysts in my breast have disappeared.  I now have bowel movement.”
-   Ms Beatriz Fesalbon, San Pedro , Laguna
     “I have been suffering from difficulty in breathing, due to water in y lungs.  This makes me loose my appetite and take in very little food.  I am so weak; I seldom go out of my house.  After taking 4 bottles of BIO ENZYME PLUS, I am back to my normal self and can now go back to my job as a carpenter.”
 - Mr Sebastian Aveno, Real, Quezon

     “Almost everyday, I spend my time lying in bed due to my ailments:  diabetes, schemia and hypertension.  I have difficulty in breathing, and my sinusitis aggravates my condition, causing me migraines most of the time.  For years I was a victim. Then came BIO ENZYME Plus! After I started using Bio Enzyme plus, I felt a gradual improvement.  However, due to my numerous ailments, I had to resort to a bombing dosage, 1 bottle a day.  Surely, my condition improved very quickly.  My blood pressure and blood sugar levels normalized; gone is my sinusitis and migraine.  My heart condition improved and gone is the schemia.  Now I feel so energetic, I can work in full-time and now I am distributor of BIO ENZYME PLUS so I can help people who need.
 – Ms Melani Cruz, Makati City.
                             PROVEN IN HEALTH, NOW IN WEALTH!

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