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Author Topic: Police Lieutenant Colonel Ellen V. Avanzado  (Read 129 times)


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Police Lieutenant Colonel Ellen V. Avanzado
« on: April 06, 2021, 05:03:56 am »
Hello Admin and Everyone: PTP and hope we all learn from this video
Posted by CMU Page

"The fight against crime is not just the role of the Police officers, the citizen should play a part to help resolve a case." This effort is very much necessary and needed to maintain peace and order in the community."

If you've been a witness to a crime, please be responsible and cooperate with the Police Officers and don't just sit down and do nothing about it. 

Be a law-abiding citizen.

Most importantly, start with your family. Crimes started and rooted in the family.

Let's work together and not just put the blame on the Police Officers.

~ Police Lieutenant Colonel Ellen V. Avanzado

I am quite honoured to have PLtCol. Ellen Avanzado shared her experiences and story as one of the few Policewomen Officers in the Philippine National Police Nationwide.

She graduated Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a wife to Carlo and a mom of Yora and Zaki. She's also an active member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bukidnon Maragway

In this video, Ellen shared:

-her fascination with Forensics motivated her to join the PNP
-she explained her role as Forensic Chemist in PNP and she's also a Scene of the Crime Operation (SOCO) Team Leader
-she shared her challenges being a policewoman in a male-dominated profession
-the struggle of trying to balance her demanding job and her role as a mom
-how she'd maximised her time to take care of herself while spending time with family outside of work
-she's a promoter of Self-Love
-how she was treated in a male-dominated profession based on her experience
-the different characters of some male leaders
-the struggle of being a woman when she's out in the field, in the mountain and when she had to breastfeed her child
-her interaction with fellow police officers who were positive with prohibited drugs
-her experience with Oplan Tokhang (launched as part of the campaign to warn drug traffickers & users to stop using drugs in 2016)
-her interaction with those involved in Oplan Tokhang
-The threat and risk of Ambush areas in the province of Bukidnon
-her insightful advice to younger ladies who dreamed and aspire to become a Policewoman
-her experience with field training in the early years of her career
-her advice if an individual is considering and interested to join the PNP
-The effect of Oplan Tokhang and rape case is also higher in the province
-The crime rate was lesser and lower during the Pandemic
-her message to the citizens especially to the Bashers of PNP
-The media coverage highlighted mostly the wrongdoings of some irresponsible Police Officers
- Ellen shared the Police Hotline with all municipalities in the Province of Bukidnon

I asked Ellen whether she ever had regrets about joining the PNP. She said she almost quit during the bloody Oplan Tokhang. It was the most challenging time of her career. It's just difficult to do things that are different from what she believes in. Thanks to her family and friends who became the source of her strength and courage to continue this journey.

We are glad you've overcome that phase of your life, Ma'am. We thank you for your dedication and service.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your precious time and insights with me and to the citizens of this Province and the Country. You're amazing and I'm sure MCCS '93 & Isidran '97 are so proud of your achievement!

I'd echo Ellen that discipline starts with Family. If you've been a responsible parent and a child, we could have lesser crimes and issues in the community.

Try to reflect on this and see how you do as a parent, a child, a citizen of this province and this country, the Philippines.

After this talk, I thought to myself, her role is unbelievably challenging. I am guilty at some point because I got carried away with some biased media that's all over the news. This is a call for action.

Let's be mindful, be more aware of their role, their duties and understand where these people are coming from. Learn how to empathize, understand, listen and weigh things before putting blame on someone. What do you think?

If you want to share your beautiful story and help inspire others, please connect with me on:


Thank you for your love and support.


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Full Story:

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