Genius Child from Duero, Bohol

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Genius Child from Duero, Bohol
« on: June 19, 2011, 04:24:53 AM »
by Ric Obedencio
published by Sunday Post

DUERO – Genius species are nothing new but rare. Is Kenneth Aceberos, who’ll be 4 years old on July 5, 2011, one of them? He’s a fast learner and he may not be that genius since he’s still learning, said his mother Ailene Aceberos in an exclusive interview yesterday. He’s a “wonder boy” to his neighbors. But barangay chairman Boy Abueva of Alejawan, this town said the boy is “extraordinary.” Some of Aceberos’ neighbors call his nickname “Ken-ken” or “Pitsang.” All the weird-related adjectives could describe Kenneth’s grasp of something because of his unusual knowledge of English language, spelling, music and math, said his parents. In a huddle yesterday after the “go-signal” from the barangay chairman and Mayor Ocay to interview the family, Kenneth showed special talent in writing, showing he can write figures one to ten and so on.

He can also count flawlessly, not just one to 100 but to a thousand figures and can use a calcurator. What makes him “strange” is that he can count in the reverse order, said his relatives. He can read fluently on a work book for kids with almost correct diction while sitting on Ailene‘s lap during the interview. Ailene, 27, and her husband Esperadon Aceberos, 30, said that Kenneth has no formal education. The family resides at sitio Lutao, barangay Alejawan in this eastern municipality where fishing and farming are the main source of livelihood of most of the residents. Ailene said that Kenneth’s favorite songs are “Too Much love Will Kill You” and Journey’s “Faithfully.” He gave a sample of the first song mentioned but was cut short because of his penchant or curiosity on a cell phone he held during the interview. And his favorite is Myx, a music channel, Ailene said.

Kenneth is very keen and curious, like watching a cable TV at home, said his mother. All his knowledge is probably the result of his being hooked up with the TV, she added. He is really not like the neighbors’ kids who are just fond of playing but Kenneth sometimes engaged in the play with them but won’t stay long. He has his own prerogatives, like reading the work book for day care kids or kindergarten and go back to TV to watch, said his mother. Kenneth, who has a brother named Kirby, seven years old, eats vegetables, fish, fruits and sometimes meat. Ailene said that they observed that Kenneth is very attentive when he began watching TV when he was two. Asked if they have genius-like gene in their family, the mother said she does not know. Ailene and Esperadon ACeberos have big dreams for Kenneth as he grows and they both wanted that he be given a good studies and they prefer him to be with the private school. (RVO)

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