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Adventure Games

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Adventure Games
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By Premier PressAdventure Games
Adventure games are basically about exploring, where player-characters go on a quest, find things, and solve puzzles. The pioneering adventure games were text based. You would type in movement commands, and as you entered each new area or room, you would be given a brief description of where you were. Phrases like "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike" are now gaming classics. The best adventure games play like interactive books or stories, where you as the player decide what happens next, to a certain degree.

Text adventures evolved into text-based games with static images giving the player a bet­ter idea of his surroundings. Eventually these merged with 3D modeling technology. The player was then presented with either a first- or third-person point of view of the scene his character was experiencing.

Adventure games are heavily story based and typically very linear. You have to find your way from one major accomplishment to the next. As the story develops, you soon become more capable of predicting where the game is going. Your success derives from your abil­ity to anticipate and make the best choices.
Some well-known examples of adventure games are The King's Quest series, The Longest Journey, and Syberia.
Online adventure games have not really come into their own yet, although some games are emerging that might fit the genre. They tend to include elements of FPS action games and Role-Playing Games (RPGs) to fill out the game play, because the story aspect of the game is more difficult to accomplish in an online environment. Players advance at different speeds, so a monolithic linear story line would become pretty dreary to a more advanced player. An example of an online action-adventure-FPS hybrid game is Tubettiworld, being developed by my all-volunteer team at Tubetti Enterprises.

Role-Playing Games
Role-playing games are very popular; that popularity can probably find its roots in our early childhood. At younger than age six or seven, we often imagined and acted out excit­ing adventures inspired by our action figures and other toys or children's books. As was also true for strategy games, the more mature forms of these games first evolved as pen-and­paper games, such as Dungeons & Dragons.

These games moved into the computer realm with the com­puter taking on more of the data-manipulation tasks of the game masters. In role-playing games, the player is usually responsible for the develop­ment of his game character's skills, physical appearance, loy­alties, and other characteris­tics. Eventually the game envi­ronment moved from each player's imaginations onto the computer, with rich 3D fantasy worlds populated by visually satisfying representations of buildings, monsters, and crea­tures (see Figure 1.3). RPGs are usually science fiction or fan­tasy based, with some histori­cally oriented games being popular in certain niches.

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