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xx - Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival - Catigbian - Bohol
Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival
« on: June 18, 2007, 02:33:22 PM »
CATIGBIAN-The traditional street-dancing parade, and TOBOY awarding will highlight today's culmination event of the three-day Katigbawan festival in line of the town's 58th Foundation Day celebrations which started last Friday.

The celebrations featured and promoted the tourism and investment potentials of the town which include the Livestock Auction Market, Cave Exploration, and Livestock Raising programs.

The street-dancing parade will start from the community stage and clinches at the public market.

MLGOO Josie Montes will lead the TOBOY awarding, while MNHS Coordinating Principal Erlinda Ejoc will present the LGU scholars during the culmination ceremonies at 4:00 p.m. at the business activity center.

First District Congressman Edgar Chatto will give an inspirational talk, while Mayor Salinas will give a message, as Municipal Councilor Virgilio Lurot will give the welcome address.

Michael Maniwang, composer of the Catigbian Hymn will also receive a plaque of recognition, while the chairman of the board of judges in the street-dancing contest will also give the awards to the winners.

The town's parish priest, Rev. Fr. Rey Dayanan will lead the opening prayer, while the Ok-Ok Boys Choir will lead the singing of hymns.

To give intermission numbers are the Katigbawan Dancers of the CNHS, HIA Katigbawan Dancers, IMA Katigbawan Dancers, and the BNWC.

Master and Lady of Ceremony will be Dr. Allan Evangelista and Lawyer Mildred Maglajos.

A fireworks display and disco will culminate the three-day festivities.

Katigbawan stands for the feast for human and spiritual satisfaction from the Visayan word, "katagbawan". Katigbawan is also coined from the combination of the words "katigbi", "tigbaw", and "kabawan". Katigbi is a species of grass grown in the town, which is the origin of the word Catigbian. Tigbaw is also another word for caves, while Kabawan is the Visayan term for Carabao Auction Market which Catigbian town is known for.

The three-day festivities official started with a thanksgiving mass at eight o'clock in the morning of June 15, followed by a parade from the church to the town's business activity center where the opening program will was held.

Vice-Governor Julius Caesar Herrera, Provincial Board Member-elect Cesar Tomas Lopez and Provincial Veterinarian Stella Marie Lapiz gave their respective inspirational messages after the message of Mayor Roberto Salinas and in between intermission numbers from Ukulele Ensembles, Candumayao Rondalla, and the Bagtic Children's Choir.

Governor Erico B. Aumentado, who was attending to important matters in Tagbilaran City sent a representative to send his message to the people of Catigbian.

IMA Katigbawan Dance Troupe presented an interpretative dance for the invocation, then Leonora Lastimosa led the singing of the national anthem, the Bohol and Catigbian hymns.

Municipal Councilor Zip Lastimosa, for his part, gave the words of welcome, then ABC president Teofilo Patolilic led the recognition of participants.

Master of ceremony was Tifilito Rulida.

A health services activity offering urinalysis and bloodletting, and a health expo of the Seventh Day Adventist church which offered free clinic, pap smear, consultation and hepatitis test was also conducted at the business activity center.

Deworming, vaccination referrals and other veterinary services were also conducted at the Catigbian Livestock Auction Center.

In the afternoon, was the "Karambola" at the Catigbian Cockpit Arena.

Yesterday afternoon, a carabao pageant was held after the carabao parade from the public market to the livestock auction center.

Major awards for the carabao pageant included the Carabao Queen 2007 title, first runner-up and second runner-up. Special awards were given for Sexy Carabao, Best in Costume, Darling of the Crowd, Best in Carabao Guide, Best in Ramp Walk and Friendly Carabao.

An amateur singing contest was held in the evening at the Catigbian Business Activity Center. The winner will give an intermission number in tonight's culmination ceremonies.(Bohol Sunday Post)

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xx - Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival - Catigbian - Bohol
Re: Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2007, 02:18:36 AM »
373159671l - Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival - Catigbian - Bohol

during the 3rd katigbawan festival

3rd Katigbawan Festival: Carabaos are ‘beauty queens’

Tagbilaran, Tuesday, 19 June 2007 16:56:44

We like beautiful girls in beauty pageants; however, in the 3rd Katigbawan Festival in Catigbian town, the people paid tribute to the most beautiful creatures, not the beautiful women but the carabaos!

Yes, believe it or not but a beauty pageant for carabaos was held yesterday, June 16.

There were 15 beautiful and healthy carabaos from the town which are commissioned to join their barangays for this year’s competition.

There were invited judges for the pageant who are expert in their fields. There were criteria for judging from the committee composed by Councilor Zip Lastimosa, Erlinda Quilicot and all MAO personnel. Acting Municipal Mayor Fortunato Concon was the overall chair of the 3rd Katigbawan Festival since Mayor Robert Salinas, PN (Ret) is in the US.
Captain Bagtik.
The superhero carabao: Captain Bagtik.

Just like humans, the candidates had colored eyelashes and nails, best dresses, colorful hair dresses and other burloloys (mostly are biodegradable) to make them more amazing.

I met a superhero carabao which named was “Captain Bagtik.” It has an impressive mask.

A parade was held in the afternoon in Poblacion and the final destination where ton held the pageant was in Bohol’s biggest livestock auction market.

There was also a talent showdown for the final judging. The candidates together with their owners showcased their talents.

There was no question and interview portion during the pageant but if carabaos could speak, I’m sure they could give winning answers. I think of some questions if ever carabaos could speak when they are ready to answer questions like: How many hours you like to bath in the mud? Is your boss friendly? How many hours is your rest? Do you want fashion? These could be impossible, right?

The Carabao Queen, the highest award of the pageant went to contestant number five which at the start of the pageant was an instant crowd favorite. Sad to say, the owner Faustino Cardenas has yet to give a name for his carabao. He has to think of a unique name, maybe, Katrina Halili? Or Angel Locsin? The kids who were overwhelmed of its winning suggested to name his carabao Judy Ann.

“I’m so happy my carabao won the award,” said Faustino.
Faustino Cardenas and Carabao.
Faustino Cardenas, the winning Cowboy with his carabao (no name) declared as Carabao Queen of 2007. Photo shows Acting Municipal Mayor Fortunato Concon and some supporters.

He was proclaimed as the Cowboy of the Year award. His carabao received lei, cash incentives and Darling of the Crowd award and Best in Ramp Walk. She has her runners-up, too, for her one year reign. Other carabaos received the Sexy Carabao, Best in Costume, Friendly Carabao awards with cash and leis.

The carabao is considered a national symbol of the Philippines. Also, the mascot of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Guyito,is a carabao.

Carabaos are often used by farmers in the Philippines to plow the fields and as a means of transportation. It is one of the most important animals in the country specially in agriculture.

Carabao is locally known as kabaw. Both male and female have massive horns. Since the carabao has no sweat glands, it cools itself by lying in a waterhole or mud during the heat of the day. Mud, caked on to its body, also protects it from bothersome insects.
Don’t underestimate the carabao!
Don’t underestimate the carabao!

The carabao eats grass and other vegetation, feeding mainly in the cool of the mornings and evenings. In some places of the world the carabao is a source of milk just like the cow, or it may be slaughtered for its hide and its meat. Its life span is 18 to 20 years and the female carabao can deliver one calf each year.

Carabaos are indigenous to Southeast Asia; the carabaos were captured and domesticated as far back as pre-Hispanic times.

“We are holding the carabao pageant to show that carabaos are important to us here in Catigbian. In this way, agriculture is promoted through this event. Katigbawan festival is a foundation day celebration of Catigbian featuring and promoting the tourism and investment potentials namely, Livestock auction market, cave exploration and livestock raising,” Concon said.

Katigbawan is a feast for human and spiritual satisfaction from the Visayan word Katagbawan. It is also a combination of the words katigbi, tigbaw and kabawan. Katigbi, a grass species grown in the town, is the origin of the word Catigbian. Tigbaw is also another word for caves.
See how carabaos can be fashionable!
See how carabaos can be fashionable!

“Kabawan is Visayan for carabao auction market which is known for in the province of Bohol. Here people can sell their livestock during Mondays without hassle to look for buyers,” says Florante Robin, SK president.

If you wish to see how carabaos turn into beauty queens, don’t miss the Catigbian Foundation Day which is held every June 15-17.

The Katigbawan Festival was featured at GMA-7's Saksi. You can watch the feature online.


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xx - Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival - Catigbian - Bohol
Re: Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2007, 06:00:48 PM »
ka unique no!


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xx - Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival - Catigbian - Bohol
Re: Catigbian town features Katigbawan Festival
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2007, 11:00:13 AM »
Hi, newbie  me  here  whos  from  catigbian...pwede mangayo sa  lyrics  sa  Catigbian  Hymn?..thanks!

 God Bless!!!
God Bless You !

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