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Wife of Bohol murder suspect fights back

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Wife of Bohol murder suspect fights back
« on: June 25, 2007, 10:59:52 PM »
By Rey Anthony Chiu

IN a sudden twist of events, the wife of a criminal wanted for the high profile murder of Bayan Muna secretary general Mario Auxilio fights back the black propaganda aimed at throwing bad light unto the fleeing suspect and his family.

Lilibeth Diola, wife of suspect Hilario Diola, in an affidavit executed June 21 denied the allegations strewn by Karapatan, Bayan and Bayan Muna over radio that his husband was a military asset of the 15th Infantry Battalion (IB) based in Bohol or of the alleged anti-communist sect called Alimaong.

Both Karapatan, Bayan and Bayan Muna, in a press conference at the wake of slain Bayan Muna leader in Tagbilaran City pressed that the Auxilio criminal was a military asset and member of an anti-communist sect operating in the mountains of Bohol.

"By so doing, both progressive groups can claim that the Auxilio murder is again a military hit and so they can ram the issue of extra-judicial killings into people's throats", a member of the Provincial Peace and Order Council said. He however refused to be named.

Army's 302nd Brigade commander Colonel Jess Dellosa and 15th IB's Col. Cirilo Thomas Donato have come up with separate pronouncements denying the military asset allegations by groups.

At the suspect's membership with an anti-communist group, both commanders, PPOC consultant on peace and order retired Lt. Col. Raul Mendez and Police Provincial director Edgardo Ingking said they have never heard of Alimaong coordinating with them in their regular internal security and counter insurgency operations.

In a certification showed by Bayan Muna during their press conference, Provincial Chairman John Ruiz said the Supreme Council of Datus Alimaong has severed ties with Diola for his being a suspect in the Auxilio murder. Alimaong tribal chieftains Jaime Tabigue, retired army man Celso Ocon, Timoteo Autentico, retired SPO4 Severino Garcia and retired army man Antonio Tabada signed the affidavit.

"My husband has policemen-friends but they are not really that close. I could not recall Larry having military friends", the lady Diola averred in her signed statement subscribed by lawyer Evaneliza Cloma-Lucero, June 21.

Lilibeth Diola said that the fact-finding group that interviewed her in Bien Unido the day after Auxilio was shot introduced themselves as from the Ombudsman.

She recalled two women among them, one with a scar near her jaw and the other, a dark-skinned and plump woman, who asked her questions.

"The same group identified themselves as media members from ABS-CBN Cebu, but it was a fact finding team from Karaparan and the progressive groups misrepresenting themselves", PPOC sources bare.

While she admitted they are close friends with the slain leader, she hit the press releases of Bayan, Bayan Muna and Karapatan factsheet. Lilibeth belied the statement that the slain Auxilio helped the Diolas hospitalization twice.

She said when she was shot, she identified a Bayan Muna member Regalado Bunado, Bien Unido Esperanza barangay chairman as the perpetrator, and added that it was Bien unido Mayor Felix Garcia and Trinidad Mayor Filadelfo Garcia who helped them.

"I gave birth to all my children before we transferred, and that Mayong (Auxilio) and Larry did not know each other before we transferred to Bien Unido," she said.

Over statements that the victim gave them food, she said "my husband is earning P200 a day as a laborer at the fish market.

She also said her husband is paid to watch over a boat owned by Alimaong elder Timoteo Autentico. She also revealed it was the same Autentico who paid for the motor service she and her family took on their way home to Inabanga, where his husband Larry used to live.

Larry Diola has still eloped the law enforces.

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