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Author Topic: The shame of rape  (Read 521 times)


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The shame of rape
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:04:00 pm »
I have noticed throughout my life that despite religions (not simply Christianity) that give lip service to "loving thy neighbor as thyself," people chomp on the underdog. They do. Why? More delicious? That I do not know. The first and easiest answer is that the underdog is weaker, and when there's a pack mentality, the weak and meek, the young and the old are easier to savage.
And people are in a savage mood these days. Deprived globally by a few plutocrats/corporations who'd rather have all the riches of the world than feed the people of that world, city streets are getting meaner, and crimes against those that usually provoke protective instincts are skyrocketing. Why attack women, the mothers, sisters and lovers of the world? Why the particular interest in oppressing women these days? What's to gain?
You might not think it happens that often, but according to the Justice Dept., a woman is raped every two minutes in America. Other studies say that it occurs more frequently.
It seems as though every species of human is at war with somebody or something, even Earth itself. Within families there can be chronic, neurotic battling as a way to let off violent energy, and domestic abuse runs rampant during times of financial stress.
In the city, I've been forced to move to after I lost my home. The windows are barred and there are triple locks on the door. Though my neighborhood is lovely, a charming place with Victorians and Craftsman style homes, I'm told not to venture out at night because "the streets turn vicious." Bring on the pepper spray.
Why rape any human? Is it because that person is so lovely they cannot be resisted? That bit of fiction was actually believed and repeated by a young friend when I mentioned that I'd been at a train station where a woman had been raped later that week: "If you were younger or more attractive, maybe you'd have gotten raped there."
As I gasped at the very first time in my entire life that someone had mentioned that I was, indeed, "maturing," I schooled the lad on the error of his thought.
Attractiveness has nothing to do with the act of rape. Rape is an age-old way of exerting dominance over something, like bagging a gopher when big game hunting, that cannot say "no" to you. Bully for you, guys. Pick on someone your own size.
In India and places on this earth too numerous to mention -- women and children are victims to the rage of men who are not allowed to be men -- or at least educated, useful and balanced men -- by their government or religion. Wicked cycle, that.
In our country, a lack of creative fulfillment in life, hunger, no way to feed your family feed the impulse to take down the smaller creature. All these things, in this climate of hellish violence we encourage in our “society” through the "instruction" of violent video games, movies and eternal warfare, contribute to the cycle of violence. This is an unfortunate part of human nature, but absolutely undeniable.
The sorts of things we are seeing now are spawned by the worst in us, and it's time for a self-check as a nation. Our women are constant victims, and there are congressmen out there who want to deny them the right to handle this great wrong in any way that we see fit.
That this phenomena is occurring on more of a worldwide stage suggests that either the media is letting us all know how many vicious and "legitimate" (bitter laugh) rapes are happening these days, or that more vicious and "legitimate" rapes are occurring.
That we are surprised by gang rapes in India is odd to me. Rape happens in the good old U.S.A. all the time, and few give a damn.

Think wisely before you speak and listen intently to the people with fruit on the tree. Break down the barrier of stubbornness and pride otherwise you'll always be a part of the crowd..

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Re: The shame of rape
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 01:41:45 pm »
Republic Act 8485 (Animal Welfare Act of 1998, Philippines), as amended and strengthened by House  Bill 6893 of 2013--- violation means a maximum of P250,000 fine with a corresponding three-year jail term and a minimum of P30,000 fine and six months imprisonment

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