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xx - Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal - Philippine Business News
Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal
« on: February 22, 2010, 08:58:37 PM »
The truth is now out. click here to read Neil Cruz's expose in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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xx - Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal - Philippine Business News
Re: Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 10:53:59 PM »
We can always cook up as many speculation as we can now that it is election time.

But when a project has been pushed for bidding since last year and it's only at this time when the bidding schedule is implemented, I cannot agree with Mr. Neal Cruz in calling it a "midnight deal." A midnight deal is one that just comes out from nowhere. The Panglao Airport project has been planned and replanned since twenty years ago.

We have to qualify, and not generalize, when implementation of projects should be prohibited during the election period, or close to it. Situations like this are governed by law. The ban on projects are covered by specific timeframes. When the project has been ongoing, it can continue even after the start of the ban (March 26,2010). When the projected is awarded before the ban, it can also continue even during the election period. Life-saving projects and those which are intended to prevent loss of life or damage to property can even be implemented during the election period when the COMELEC approves it.

On the matter of the bid amount of the bidders, there are two ways of looking at it. Either the bid is too high (under R.A. 9184, the only requirements is that the bid should not exceed the appoved budget of the contract), or it is too low that the estimate is not sufficient to complete the project according to its program of work.

In our common and usual human experience, two heads are better than one. The majority view is usually nearer to the truth. When majority of the qualified bidders placed their bids above the P1 Billion mark, what can we say about the bidder whose estimate is too low compared to the others? Can it get the job done?

As I See It (with due apologies to Mr. Cruz), the bidding appears competitive. Just look at the range and differences of the bid amount. The government sets the ceiling (the ABC). The BAC of the MIAA has plenty to choose which of the bidders within the mid range could be awarded the project. Remember, under our bidding law, the project is awarded not to the lowest bidder per se but to the lowest calculated responsive bid.


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xx - Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal - Philippine Business News
Re: Panglao Airport Corruption Scandal
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2010, 07:10:12 AM »

We are starting to see a deliberate pattern to unduly bismirch the project.

First, a group who called itself Corruption Watch claimed that the bidding was rigged to be awarded to CM Pancho. As it turned out, CM Pancho did not even qualify for evaluation.

Now, a columnist picked up a yarn that the project will be awarded to the highest bidder. We don't know the result of the bidding yet. Will this latest allegation turn out to be another dud? I think so.

All these accusations which turn out to be false diminished the credibility of the accuser and, to a certain degree, of those who repeated them.

Yes, let us continue to be vigilant in monitoring government projects. Let's make sure public money is well spent. But please naman, let's be responsible in what we do so that we will not be likened to the boy who cried wolf.

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