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Lions Club International grants Bohol Lion Clubs wishes with 200.000.00 ....

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With this years International Lion Year Theme "In a world of service" so far it has come true for the 90 plus families that were left devastated by the past tornado that hit the coastal area of Jagna...

International Lions headquarters based in Illinois state in the USA has approved disaster relief from their international emergency relief funds dept.

A meeting with Bohol Lion club presidents and their clubs secretaries will convene together with Regional Lion chairman and PP of Tagbilaran City Host Lions George Lim this coming Saturday at METRO Center to discuss on how the clubs will spend the money.

Can someone please provide me with a list of the Tornado victims who are affected? I am thinking since construction is not allowed but the giving of commodities is okay its better to come of up a bundle of joy and rice to the victims while they are still recovering from their losses and damages...




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this is a wonderful news! May the money be truly enjoyed by the real needy in Jagna (tornado victims). Thank you Jellybean.

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Yes, Hofelina, The money spent in Lions is very transparent,I will come up with our clubs proposal to prepare for a bundle of joy for the people in Jagna as this is the first time ever that such an award of money for disaster victims inside of Bohol has ever been granted from USA International Headquarters office, normally Bohol has been spared from any natural disasters of such mass as the Tornado that ruined over 90 homes a couple of weeks ago...Before the money can be even sent the Lions must submit a photo and assessment report on the many persona affected by that particular disaster being sought donations from.....I know Bohol Lions are no strangers with the International lions Office as we "Tagbilaran City Host have made most outstanding Club and Most outstanding President for the past consecutive years as we are the most active club in the province...So I am sure in the 50 plus years as a club in Bohol we are recognized.....\



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