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Author Topic: Europe meets East Asia: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMEA)  (Read 521 times)


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Europe meets East Asia: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMEA)
« on: April 29, 2009, 05:26:17 am »
About EMEA – The Next EMEA Weeklong Seminar will take place from June 16th - June 21st, 2009

Program Directors: Sabine Lang, Sam Powney, Shamsiah Ali
Email address: [email protected]

Europe meets East Asia: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMEA) is a newly launched network of young, dynamic and influential people from Europe and East Asia who have a current interest in the Europe-East Asia relationship.

Members join the Forum by taking part in a Weeklong Seminar, during which they will learn about the field of cultural diplomacy, explore the relationship between the European Union and East Asian nations, and take part in challenging group discussions on important issues. Participants will gain insight into existing European and East Asian cultural diplomacy initiatives and strategies, discuss the role and potential of cultural diplomacy in the context of the EU and East Asian countries, and examine the changing frameworks in which individuals, businesses, and governments from these two regions interact.

Once they have become a member of the Forum, the young leaders will be supported by the ICD in conducting research into Europe-East Asia relations, which can either be published on our online media service (Cultural Diplomacy News,, online in the ICD research section, or in our forthcoming book “Case Studies in Cultural Diplomacy”. The Forum will also organise a number of shorter, academic conferences throughout the year that the members are invited to attend and to help organise. Through the ICD Online Forum (available through Facebook), members are able to keep in touch with one another and members of the other ICD Forums and to share important information about job opportunities and related events. Finally, the ICD will support and offer guidance to members who are interested in organising their own cultural exchange initiatives.

Advantages of joining the Forum

The Weeklong Seminar- The program for the Weeklong Seminar will involve seminars and workshops with experts on the relationship between Europe and East Asia, including academics, politicians, journalists, and practitioners from other civil society organisations. During this week you will have the opportunity to meet with these figures, discuss key issues with them, and take part in structured group discussions with the other participants. The program will be designed to give you ideas and advice for your own cultural exchange initiatives, and to facilitate strong relationships between the participants.

Taking part in the Weeklong Seminar will also offer you a unique opportunity to experience Berlin. As an established NGO with strong connections to Berlin’s political and civil society spheres, we are able to organise seminars in locations such as the German Foreign Ministry, the German Parliament, the Berlin Philharmonic, the City Hall, and the European House. This Forum will also involve a number of historical and cultural field excursions that will allow participants to discover more about Berlin. Guided tours to focal points of inter-cultural dialogue will be complemented by behind-the-scenes visits to institutions, group dinners, and ICD-organized parties, taking the participants to the heart of Berlin’s musical, artistic, and cultural scenes.

Certificate - Upon completion of the Weeklong Seminar, all participants will be awarded with an official ICD certificate detailing the activity of the week, in particular the program highlights, and welcoming them to EMEA.

The Forum - One of the main goals of the forum is to give the members the encouragement and support to organise their own cultural exchange initiatives. During the Weeklong Seminar we will provide you with information about how you can do this, and to encourage you to generate ideas for possible initiatives. At the end of the Weeklong Seminar we will provide you with a document outlining the issues you need to address, how you can plan your initiative, and giving you information about where you can apply for funding.

Following the completion of the Weeklong Seminar you will become a member of the ICD Young Leaders Online Forum. The Online Forum was created to allow members of the different ICD Forums to keep in touch and share information about job opportunities, their leadership initiatives, and other related events with each other. Only Forum members are able to use the Online Forum, and it therefore represents the ideal location to gather support for your initiative from like-minded people across the globe.

Forum members are encouraged, in consultation with the ICD, to conduct research on Europe-East Asia relations, in particular relating to cultural exchange between the two regions. When completed, the ICD can publish these case studies on our online media service “Cultural Diplomacy News”, in the research section on the ICD homepage, and in our forthcoming publication “Case Studies in Cultural Diplomacy”. The publication will allow academics and practitioners to evaluate previous examples of cultural diplomacy, and encourage the establishment of best practice guidelines.

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