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Demand of Campaign Fee

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Demand of Campaign Fee
« on: April 26, 2007, 01:46:32 PM »
UNACCOUNTED large cache of firearms now believed to be at the hands of the communist rebels here has the military apprehensive that these could be used to terrorize to demand the permit to campaign from local politicians.

With this and the recent reported sightings of armed communists in the rural areas now desperate to finance their cause, Army’s 302nd Brigade commander Colonel Jesus D. Dellosa has put up a stern warning to unscrupulous politicians willing to stretch their luck to get the votes.

As long as a large number of firearms are still in Bohol and the inter-island movement of rebels goes on across the Visayas, the chance these firearms would be used to demand compliance is there, the seasoned fighter fresh from a Mindanao assignment said.

“We are appealing to all local candidates not to give in to the demands of the communist terrorist movement especially on the PTCs because if they do that, they are just supporting or aiding the enemies of the state,” the army top man said at the recent Kapihan sa PIA held at the Chriscentville.

With campaigns steaming through, the scurry to get to the niches of the rural areas by politicians to gather support heightens and in areas believed to be under rebel influence, rebels demand access fees.

In the past, a military operation has confiscated rebel documents detailing the names of politicians who gave PTCs and their non-monetary contributions to the rebel movement in exchange for access to areas. A candidate them gave an armalite rifle to the rebels, the confiscated documents bared.

The local Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has kept the records after the military turned it over to them for proper legal action. After a while, speculations floated that the inaction could be because of the repercussions on cases against top politicians abetting the rebellion.

In 1999, a band of rebels, pretending to be DILG authorities succeeded in raiding a police detachment in Batuan and ransacked the installation’s armory, including a still un-recovered .60 caliber machine gun.

“We appeal [to politicians] not to resort to any violent activities because we will use all our resources to stop them and we are going to apply the full force of the law to go after them,” he said over the Kapihan sa PIA aired over a local radio station.

With a generally peaceful assessment on Bohol, Col. Dellosa, whose interview was also aired at Comelec Time said the military should not be too complacent and assured that they are currently checking the real ground situation to avert these incidents. (rachiu/PIA)

Published in the Bohol Standard

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