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For a man who should be setting the example of a good citizen here in Bohol it is sad to say for sometime I have been getting tired of hearing the same damned whine and grind of this police officail that governor just loves to cuddle and keep here amongst the "Chocolate Hill's".

Some police have told me when this man gets PNP bonus to share with everyone during specail events the lower ranking police say they have been left out many times and basically left for gutam.

often he will not allow the CIDG to help and assist with crimes and deaths against foreigners.

He once text me a very hateful message on mothers day after ringing my phone eight g*** darned times basically saying I was a "Bitch" in between the lines over an interview in were he was protecting a paid witness who was lying in a certain case and had grabbed my cell fone around my neck angrily and deleted my interview with him instead of cooperating with media as police should be doing.

I had my 17 year old daughter with me at the time so she could meet the provincial police director and watch mommy at work and he got so mad in front of her (Read-VOWC) with me and when we left the building my daughter said "Mom your being so nice with him he is so mean to you?" "I never want to go back there again mom....maybe he will kill careful mom." My daughter was shaking terribly as well as me.

We have had around 5-6 foreigners murdered in Bohol during his time in office and all with no development or leads and here any such case is the rule to be solved with-in a 24 hour period.

One time this PNP Director he had come up to me laughing in my face because of a phone call i had made to the City Mayor in regards to a foreigner friend being killed by a city water truck and were he had done nothing about it for the fiancee or the victims baby...
so i went off on him asking him just what the hell was he thinking when he did not care what happened to the survivors of the victim. this pnp director hazed me for what I had done in making the mayor mad.

This morning he gave a live interview over the radio of DYTR and said he was not happy about the news going outside of the province regarding his special treatment with the suspect of Dumaluan. It was also printed in today's Wednesday edition of BHC the same in Inquirer.

Now is providing an attorney and other comforts really the right thing to do for a suspect in a shooting case how this director has done in this certain case. When at the same time Dumaluan has been offered nothing as the victim.

It is allegedly believed that shortly after the Inquirer in Manila was released telling about the unfair treatment of this pnp director he or his freinds allegedly is beleived to have been the one who texted to three media persons with the same number saying that he was a certain person and asking to spend the night when it turns out it was not the friend of the one who received the text in where it could have been a ploy to see where this particular media was at the time if not in the house staying over night with his female colleague. The provincial director had seen the two media colleagues together in one vehicle this same weekend going inside of the camp to do official business with an appointment.

Two other media personalities involved with exposing this directors  very bad police capabilities had received threatening text messages at the same time and by the same number as sent to their female colleague on Monday night in where the alleged PNP director or his associate in where they were posing as the colleague and best friend to the female colleauge posing as one of the media who was earlier threatened in Visaya "I advise you not to meddle in my affair with Dumaluan and the Lim Law office and that if you continue to meddle anymore with the case I will make sure your penis of will be cut off."

It was found out by certain persons today that this director is going to end his contract by this Friday and may not be given his extention after-all as always granted by the Governor in the past.

Bohol needs a more responsible PNP Director one who can restore Bohol hopefully back to the way it once was before.

Amen to that!



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Good news!

Maayo unta adto na siya e-assign sa Muslim areas aron ma seminar siya.
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