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« on: December 07, 2009, 06:44:55 PM »
I was so upset about this email, getting it from another Forum. This is about us, Bol-anon. Are we not concerned? here are some excerpts;

PLEASE HELP US AT BONACONSO (BOHOL NATURE CONSERVATION SOCIETY)  SAVE THE ECOLOGICAL INTEGRITY  OF BOHOL.....IF YOU GENUINELY LOVE BOHOL YOU  MUST NOT LET IT END UP LIKE MACTAN ISLAND OF CEBU-- (cement jungle of hotels, motels and  hundreds of migrant prostitutes  from the defunct Clark Airbase)  or BORACAY  ( ecoli level of water is criminally high due to 30,000 septic tanks that leak to the postcard perfect blue sea  and  Caucasian foreigners married to indigenous native  women in order to own Boracay super expensive real estate, plus  the usual prostitutes while it does not even have a decent hospital. 
Consciencious Boholanos cannot and must  not let  shortsightedness and greed destroy our beloved Bohol.     

Firefly (Lilia Adecer Cajilog)
Tawo Seed Carrier
POB 1456
South Pasadena, CA 91031

pls google Bonaconso to get more details-Manay



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xx - BONACONSO - Philippine Business News
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 07:02:12 PM »
this is another exerpt of an email from another Forum;




            On July 22, 1997 major multi-sectoral leaders in our province signed the Bohol Covenant for Sustainable Development on the occasion of the symbolic launching of the Bohol Environment Summit and Code in which they pledged to “sincerely commit their time, talent and resources in their individual and official capacity without reservation; to bequeath to our children and our children’s children the legacy of our rich cultural heritage and productive natural resources for their well-being”.

            The Covenant and the Environment Code further enshrined the principles of participative governance toward sustainable development; God-centered stewardship of nature; enactment and enforcement of laws for environmental protection and conservation; the use of environment-friendly and appropriate techonologies as a basic foundation for a healthy and progressive generation; that all development activities shall always give importance and respect for cultural practices, including gender and population concerns consistent with ecological principles; the judicious use of our natural resources with equitable access to all; and ensuring the right of every Boholano to be informed and to participate in all undertakings pertinent to the sustainable utilization of Bohol’s resources.

            Today, there is no more doubt about the reality of global climate change requiring decisive and urgent concrete steps from each of us.  As the three top  political leaders of Bohol  you are expected to lead responsibly.   Instead what we have  witnessed within the last ten years  is a gross betrayal  of almost  all of the principles and commitments mandated by the Covenant and the Code.

            Humungous projects (by Bohol standard)  with serious  irreversible and deleterious  effects on the ecology of the land and  the lives of our people such as: 

 Panglao Airport,

Cebu-Bohol Water Supply

Project, Panglao Oasis Island,

Agri-Aquaculture Projects, 

and the so-called Cebu-Bohol Friendship Bridge, have been decided by powerful politicians who consult only their business partners and political  cronies.  Genuine meaningful multi-sectoral consultation on these so-called “mega projects” have been  absent.  Decisions affecting our fragile island forever have been  decided based on  token “multi-sectoral” consultations held in exclusive high-end resorts where participants are carefully selected  to prevent or discourage any dissenting or alternative opinions.

            In this context, we therefore challenge you to:

Put a moratorium on all so-called mega projects and subject them to further in-depth, transparent  and broad-based scrutiny wherein  the mandates of the Bohol Covenant For Sustainable Development and the Bohol Environment Code are  respectfully  upheld.    In your quest for fame, fortune and power  you three may have forgotten  that  Land is sacred. Bohol is sacred.

Let our Provincial Government instead  refocus to human capital needs such as food production and security, more basic physical infrastructure such as renewable energy, clean water and sewerage, education, and health services which are  time proven and genuine  (as in India ) potent vehicles to usher  agrarian based people out of poverty;

Promote green transport such as e-jeepneys, e-buses, e-tricycles wherein our local governments will facilitate access to affordable loans during the period of transition;

Promote organic agriculture and zero-waste management such as compost pits in home backyards; and adopt other proactive measures  to adapt to climate change.

            We, of the civil society organizations, will in turn pledge our all-out support to such initiatives if you commit your leadership to these pro-people and pro-environment objectives.

            In the midst of the present political atmosphere, yours is the singular opportunity to show that you can  genuinely lead us, Boholanos, out of this mess.

            What are your concrete commitments to respond to these challenges? 

            The ball is in your hands.  The Boholanos await your  honest response.   MABUHI ANG BOHOL!         


City of Tagbilaran :  28 November 2009.



Isidore Ancog                             Zenaida D. Darunday                          Salvio Makinano

President, BONACONSO          Executive Director, BONACONSO    Vice President, BONACONSO


Lilia  Adecer Cajilog--------------------Truth or Consequences, NM 89701 (64),

Henry A. Cajilog------------------------Tracy, CA 95377-2284 (54)

Myrna S. Cajilog------------------------Tracy,  CA 95377-2284 (50)

Crystal S. Cajilog----------------------- UC, Santa Cruz, CA (20)

Ann A. Cajilog--------------------------Upland, CA 91031 (52)


All of Valencia, Bohol.

More signatories are coming after meeting.

I need to hear your feedbacks especially tubagbohol members based in the USA, salamat jamo!


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