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Bohol Media Strongly Condemns Harassment

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Bohol Media Strongly Condemns Harassment
« on: March 30, 2009, 02:05:32 AM »
Bohol media strongly condemns harassments
By: Ven rebo Arigo

Bohol media has strongly condemned the recent harassments and threats to its members and the “senseless, shameless assault to press freedom.”

In an approved en masse board resolution, the Bohol Tri-Media Association (BTMA) outpoured its dismay over the on-going affronts towards its members---and the very freedom of the press which is enshrined in the Constitution---after a series of recent harassments.

The group cited these recent assaults to press freedom victimizing, first, radio blocktimer Roberto “Batchoy” Alba, then radio reporter Roger Balamad and, most recently, radio blocktimer Nestor Daarol.

The BTMA loudly denounced the harassments and threats, saying they have only shown a bankruptcy in understanding the indispensable role and supreme responsibility of the media.

It said it is the profession of the media to act as a watchdog of good governance and public interest and to report on often controversial issues affecting the community it serves.

Bullying and threatening individual mediamen as retaliation for unfavorable reporting do not only put at risk the target journalists and their families, according to the BTMA.

This writer was physically harmed and threatened over a year ago before the series of recent attacks and harassments involving victims Alba, Balamad and Daarol.

The biggest press organization in this part of the country said attacking and threatening the media people is also clearly detrimental to the need of the greater public for vital informations to be published or aired.

The BMTA assailed the harassment to the members of the media in the performance of their work as an evident suppression of the people’s right to know.

The officers of the association vowed to stand in rock solidarity with their colleagues who, for their courageous work, have become victims of aggression.

Those who signed to conform to the board resolution are president Lito Responte, vice president for radio Peter Dejaresco, treasurer Jerry Pabe, secretary (this writer), auditor Batchoy Alba, and board directors Kit Bagaipo, Tibbs Bullecer, Jr., Atoy Cosap, Nestor Daarol, Bob Galero, Arnold Lucas, BJ Torralba and Chito Visarra.

As the Fourth Estate, the media or press has to act as guardian of public interest to sustain the uncompromising crusade for truth in a modern democracy, the group said.

The BTMA said any attempt to silence the press is death to the people’s democratic right to express.

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