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Author Topic: Air strike near Damascus kills 8 children  (Read 377 times)


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Air strike near Damascus kills 8 children
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:17:44 pm »
An airstike by a Syrian regime fighter jet has killed at least eight children in the town of Moadamiyat al-Sham, southwest of Damascus.

The strategic suburb of Moadamiyat al-Sham is six km far from the president’s palace. Besides, there are several offices of sir Intelligence and special forces, north to this town.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, it had the names of eight children killed when a building hit by the strike collapsed.

One of the activists said that, the raid targeted a building, where more than 25 people are living, including women and children. The activist also confirmed that, the building was targeted with several rockets and that more than 20 dead bodies were lifted, and 18 bodies have been identified, including 8 children and 10 men and women.

Syrian activists from Moadamiyat al-Sham, posted video showed images of the limp body of a boy being pulled out from broken concrete, his back covered in dust and his front in blood.

For it's part, Syria's pro-regime Dunya TV claimed that, the building was a weapon store for terrorist groups. Adding, that 20 terrorists have been killed. Another pro-regime media referring to a security source, said that government forces have freed completely Damascus’s suburb Darayya from terrorists. Adding the terrorist gangs are fleeing from Darayya and are being pursued both by land and air forces.

It is worth mentioning here that, Damascus’s suburb Darayya is an important and strategic suburb for the regime for many reasons, as it is very close to Mazzeh area, home to a military air base, and Kfar Sousseh, where the government headquarters, the General Security intelligence agency head office, the Interior Ministry are located. It is also residence to many military, political leadership, ambassadors and businessmen from the Alawite sect.

In another incident, Turkey’s local TV channel reported that, a shell launched from the Syrian territory has detonated in the Turkish province of Kilis. Adding, the blast left a 5meter wide and 1.5-meter deep hole, in the orchard grounds. No casualties were reported. The channel did not mention if the Turkish forces had responded to this assault as they usually do in previous attacks.

Meanwhile, the Russian government reaffirmed, on Sunday, that it opposes any move to force Assad from power as part of any deal to get talks started on a political settlement.

Assad's ouster would be "impossible to implement," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying by Russian media.

“The demand of the Syrian opposition that it would start talks with Bashar Assad only if he agrees to resign, is a precondition that is now envisaged by the Geneva communique,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov stressed that, the Syrian opposition should better suggest more constructive ideas for talks, like President Assad himself does on his last speech .

Lavrov also reiterated his country's support for political transition in Syria saying that, Syrians themselves should decide about the future of their country without outside interference.


There is nothing new, as long as there is no deterrent to the Syrian regime. For this the regime will continue in his massacres, which always have a justification that the regime had targeted weapons stores for terrorists. Thus these attacks by the regime are not expected to stop, in particular that there is a battle taking place today between FSA and regime forces in areas around Damascus, and according to the media and some activists, the regime loses a lot in such battles.

Syrian regime announced for the fourth time, that Damascus's suburb Darayya is freed from the control of the FSA. At the same time, the regime did not prove even through a short video, that there is no trace of FSA therein. According to the latest information, the regime is carrying out heavy airstrikes on that area since the morning and targeting everything, but on the ground, only the FSA is controlling it.

Lavrov again confirms that he is a defender for the Syrian regime more than Bashar himself. Thus Russia's stance, based on Lavrov's attitude, gives the impression that attacking Damascus, is like attacking Moscow. However, other Russian officials attitude tends to moderation and some of them show that Assad is not important for Russia at all.

The situation on the ground, is still the same. The report of the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, stated that the FSA was last night able to seize many weapons that were hidden in secret stores, in Taftanaz air base. It also reported that, fights are going on between the FSA and the regime forces, in more than 30 sites, outside Damascus.

Finally, the situation in Syria is getting worse, almost no corner of the Syrian territory is now immune to the effects of this raging civil war. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes in search of the relative safety of refugee camps, across the borders in neighboring countries.

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Re: Air strike near Damascus kills 8 children
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 01:43:06 pm »
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