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A memorial monument in New Jersey to remember 9/11

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A memorial monument in New Jersey to remember 9/11
« on: April 25, 2009, 03:18:35 AM »
"Gift From The People Of Russia
President Vladimir Putin
Monument To The Struggle
Against World Terrorism
Zurab Tseriteli"

Zurab Tseriteli"
The art was the creation of Russian artist Tseriteli who has a mixed reputation within the art world. Many critics of art have problems with the monumental scale of almost all of his pieces. He made a 300 foot tall statue of Columbus and a 165 foot Peter the Great! He filled a St. Petersburg, Russia park with 74 life-size busts of czarist royalty. While Robot Nine is not enamored of the 9/11 work, perhaps it is our Texas nature to not be taken aback by large works. Christo has spent his life draping cloth over islands and buildings and the art world fawns over him like a mother's newborn. Epic works such as Mount Rushmore, Sitting Bull, and Stone Mountain also meet with criticism so it is to be expected.

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