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14 Bol-anons Missing In Princess Star Tragedy

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14 Bol-anons Missing In Princess Star Tragedy
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:58:00 PM »
By Kit Bagaipo
The Bohol Chronicle

At least 14 Boholanos could now be dead while two have survived from two separate sea disasters at the height of the lashing of typhoon "Frank" over the weekend.

Reports gathered by the Chronicle until presstime yesterday showed that 12 Boholanos, including a veteran ship captain, may have drowned along with 700 others who were aboard the ill-fated "MV Princess of the Stars" that capsized off Romblon province last Saturday.

Meanwhile, two other apprentice seamen who just graduated their maritime studies in two colleges here, were among missing crewmen of the coal cargo vessel "MV Lake Paoay" that also sunk near Burias Island in Romblon last Saturday.

Sulpicio Lines Inc., owner of Princess of the Stars, reported at least 57 survivors and confirmed 20 fatalities from the ship's 862 passengers and crew members. This included three who were bound for Bohol - Minerva Toremucha, NiƱo Lauro and Rodel Laborte.

Reported missing are "MV Princess of the Stars" ship master Capt. Florencio Marimon Sr., Sanguenza Lucrecio, Anastacia Rulida and son Xyron Rulida, Alvino Laborte, Emilio Laborte, Teresito Laborte, Myla Abarquez, Elmer Ganade, Cherry Amor Ganade and crewmen Dexie Filomeno and Ruel Lariba.

Also missing from the sunken "MV Lake Paoay" are Arnold Yuhengco and Julius Bompat while their fellow trainee Julius Tolang was among survivors of the vessel's crew who were washed ashore in Masbate yesterday.

The Philippine Coast Guard have expanded its search areas starting yesterday and started drilling a hole of the overturned "MV Princess of the Stars" to start recovery of bodies still trapped inside the 23,800 ton ship.

According to Sulpicio Lines officials, they received a distress call from Marimon around 11:30 a.m. Saturday that the ferry had run aground.

By that time, Capt. Marimon, a native of Loon town, ordered all passengers to abandon the passenger ferry before it capsized about 15 minutes later.

The 24-year old "MV Princess of the Stars" was purchased by Sulpicio Lines from Japan in 2001 at a cost of $5 million and had no record of any malfunction or mechanical trouble. It was the biggest passenger vessel of the shipping company's fleet.

Based on official manifest, the vessel carried around 81 children of the 724 passengers, 27 contractors, concessionaires and sea marshals, and 111 crewmen.

Only a few passengers were able to don lifejackets after the captain's alarm while others jumped into the water towards the ship's 14 life rafts.

Meanwhile, "MV Lake Paoay" was from Simirara Islad in Mindoro and was on its way to deliver their cargo to Toledo City.


The 55-year old Boholano ship captain is being blamed for the sea tragedy, considered the biggest in 20 years, for sailing out even when Storm Signal No. 1 was already out.

However, Sulpicio Lines officials pointed out that the ship's size allowed it to sail even under Storm Signal No.1 under maritime rules.

The company said the ferry was in good running condition and that it had just undergone regular "dry-dock" inspection in February last year at the Subic shipyard.

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) requires dry-dock inspections every two and a half years.

An interview with a relative of Marimon in Loon yesterday revealed that they do not yet have information regarding the fate of the ship captain.


In an interview with survivor Tolang, who is from Bilar town, he said that when their cargo vessel lost engine function off Capiz province Saturday, they drifted off to Burias Island in Romblon where it capsized.

The ship was carrying 5,000 tons of coal.

According to Tolang, most of the ship's 26 crewmen huddled on a stack of bamboos that was included in their cargo. However, most of the crew, including the two other Boholano apprentices could no longer keep hold of the bamboos.

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