Author Topic: Rene Relampagos Claims Lakas Nomination  (Read 364 times)


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Rene Relampagos Claims Lakas Nomination
« on: June 20, 2020, 04:09:55 pm »
Published by The Bohol Times in February 2001
Relampagos claims Lakas nominationBy Ric ObedencioCITY OF TAGBILARANTHE waiting has ended.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's political adviser Joey Rufino had virtually sealed the issue as to who would be the party's official candidate for governor here.
Both Gov. Rene Relampagos and former senator Ernesto Herrera talked with President Arroyo and political adviser Joey Rufino after the Friday meeting in the Sulo Hotel in Manila with Aumentado bugged down.
In that meeting, it was reportedly decided that Relampagos would be endorsed as the Lakas-NUCD's official bet for governor.
The same was almost announced in last Saturday's first presidential visit to Cebu with Relampagos being able to talk briefly with President Arroyo.
All the while, Aumentado opted to stay here in Bohol consulting with his lieutenants in preparation with his protracted fight with Relampagos for the gubernatorial seat come May elections.
Relampagos said yesterday morning that he is certain of the blessing as the official candidate of the administration party. He said the last of the talks with erstwhile rival Erico Aumentado was scheduled Monday but the second district solon failed to appear for some unknown reasons.
As regards the controversial gubernatorial row between Relampagos and Aumentado at the so-called "arbitration" committee level of the Lakas party, the issue looks like a foregone conclusion, the Relampagos camp said.
During a press conference in his office, the Governor said that under his slate are Calape Mayor Julius Caesar Herrera as his vice-governor and incumbent Vice-Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, former Inabanga Mayor Jose "Boy" Jumamoy and incumbent Rep. Eladio M. Jala as official candidates for congressman in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd districts, respectively.
As of the provincial board bets, the governor did not name the others for four vacant slots - representing one for the third and 2nd districts and two for first district.
Incumbent board members Eufrasio Mascarinas (first dist.) Tomas Abapo, Jr., Francisco Alesna (2nd) and board members Godofreda Tirol, Concepcion Lim and Exequiel Madriņan are in the Relampagos ticket.
Board members Isabelito Tongco and Arnold Lungay, the concurrent chairman of the LDP, are going to "graduate" after their last term expires on June 30 this year.
Alesna earlier, changed heart and defected to the Relampagos wing.
Like Roberto Cajes, he was formerly aligned with Aumentado.
Cajes is aiming for congressman if "blessed" by the 2nd district solon.
And board member Severino Caberte, whose wife is the sister of Aumentado's wife is out of the Relampagos camp, thus a vacant slot exists in the 3rd district.
The most probable to fill in the slot in the third district are former Jagna mayor Alexander Villacastin, last termers Duero Mayor Felix Casingcasing, Garcia Hernandez mayor Giselo Galido and Candijay former mayor Florante Cimagala.
Asked if his mayoralty bets down to councilors are complete, the governor said some are to be finalized this week.
In a separate interview in his residence yesterday morning, Relampagos confirmed the names being considered in his final slate.
He also disclosed that the contested official nomination would be in his favor under the official party of the ruling Lakas NUCD.
Aumentado expressed optimism that he would get the official nomination of the administration party.
Quoting Aumentado during his birthday bash at JJs Seafood Village last Friday night, Tagbilaran City Mayor Jose Torralba said yesterday afternoon that the arbitration committee of Lakas-NUCD is certain to pick Aumentado over Relampagos.
Torralba also said that Cong. Herrera is merely acting as a broker.
The final say on the matter, he said during the telephone interview, rests on the arbitration committee, not with Herrera. (With reports: FRED AMORA)

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