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Whether for compliance or commitment, it’s all for love!
Published: December 24, 2006 by The Bohol Standard
By Atty. Cristifil Baluma

A story shared in the dining table was about the eagle, the chicken and the pig. The eye of the eagle was so sharp that even if miles above, she can spot the chicks, dives, swoops and made the chicks her prey. The piglets were of no exception. The piercing of the eagle’s claws made the piglets helpless as she chooses the piglets for her prey. When the chicks and the piglets were scarce, the chicken and the mother pig proposed to fight back. The two mother victims planted decoy chicks and decoy piglets that once the eagle dives and swoops at them, the decoy chicks and the decoy piglets explode and kills the eagle. When the eagle’s population dwindled, the eagle proposed a truce with a condition. The eagle demanded from the chicken plenty of eggs for gifts and from the pig a dozen of lechon. In order to save their offsprings, the chicken laid more eggs. With heavy heart the pig obliged and announced to the eagle: Great eagle, while the chicken obliged with mere compliance, mine is extra-ordinary, mine is commitment for my dear piglets. After years of peace, again the eagle was on her game, diving for her prey the chicks and the piglets, unmindful of the great sacrifice the chicken and the pig had made.

There are personalities who do not mind what one delivers, whether a mere compliance or a solid commitment. They are blinded by their own bias, prejudices and oftentimes personal agenda, Usually people forget that a warmth touch and a sincere pat with a word or two spell the great difference, which reminds us another story appropriate for the season:

In a remote barrio many boondocks away where the chieftain was proud and a braggart, there lived a small family– the father, the mother and their little baby girl. At the onset of summer, when the night was warm and hot, in her innocence, their little daughter asked her parents why at her age she has no small brother, whom she had been longing to play with and share company all the day long. Though, happy together with their modest standard of living, the message their only daughter had conveyed pricked their conscience and soon enough the couple, desirous to add a new member of the family, started again to gather their romantic energy, played on their citadel of passion and in rhythmic obedience to their human sexuality and like a mustard seed a new life had started sprouting in the maternal womb. The coming of one she had been longing to care, to share moments, and be together day and night had made sparkles of delights every forthcoming day for the waiting sister. Everytime the fetus, the young life in the womb make the moves and the turns, before the elder sibling sleeps and right after she wakes up, she places her head on her mother’s womb, speaks innocent banters to the little creature.

“Come on small brother, do not overstay in mother’s womb. Get out there soon; the world is exciting, the air is fresh and the landscape is green. You will surely enjoy our daily games. I will prepare for you the toys the small boys love to play”. True enough, the big moment of birth arrived. It was one of the cold dawns of December. Alone in their nipa hut, the little girl braved her fear. She was left home when her father had to bring her mother in a sleigh to the health center in the Poblacion where a doctor, a nurse and a midwife can bring relief to the pains of birth her mother was battling for almost the whole night. In time when the roosters crow, a little boy, like what his big sister had wished saw the light of a new dawn. But it was not so rosy as expected. The baby boy was blue. He had to be incubated in a make do incubator of two wrapped big bottles of local gin with hot water placed both in the little boy’s side. The health center of the town had been neglected. It was bare, medicines were hardly available, facilities were left much to be desired. The traditional dipping of apparatus in boiling water was all that the staff can do as primitive as their looks. Every passing day, little brother condition was bad, had worsen and nearing impossible. Everytime her father was home, she had been asking when her small brother is coming home. The truth which was kept secret to their daughter was the reality that her small brother was fighting between his life and death. When the appointed time was imminent, her father gave her the chance to see alone her small brother still gasping for the breath of life. When she arrived in a little room at the center, she saw her little brother helpless, motionless, placid and as if stiffening. Nonetheless, without delay, she was doing what she had been doing everyday for the last nine months of waiting; she was whispering direct to little cute baby boy’s heart all the words of encouragement: “Doy, sige na gising na, stand-up let’s start playing.” Everytime she speaks to him, she blew her warmth to him straight to his heart. Few seconds thereafter, pandemonium broke loose in the little room. The doctor, the nurse, the midwife, the attendant, his mother and father could not believe what they saw. Little by little, the little fingers of the baby boy started moving; his head started turning; for the first time after his birth, a cry of a baby filled the small little room. And everybody was jumping and clapping with joy and happiness in their hearts. By midday, the doctor cleared the parents that they can bring their little boy safely home. It was the 25th of December. Indeed, a miracle on Christmas Day.

With faith in her heart, big sister’s warmth and simple presence was all that spelled the difference that it was not just a leap from the impossible; it was a leap out of darkness and into the light. With child’s innocence, that little difference by big sister made a big difference. The little difference is what is known as attitude. The big difference is knowing whether it is positive or negative. It is the taking of a step beyond that made the impossible being realized – that going one step beyond the level of perception and experience. For big sister who believed her little brother no proof of impossibility was necessary; to those who did not have the belief, a hundred proof still spells impossible.

On Christmas Day, are you the warmth breath willing to stand there and shine? When most people loses hope and breaks down, are you the balloon that keep people stay afloat? May every day of the year a Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

Romans 10:9-10
"If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved."

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