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Aumentado denies Gonzaga poll bid
Published by Bohol Sunday Post on July 16, 2000

Deputy Speaker Erico B. Aumentado said that NPC Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Asisclo Gonzaga is not interested to run for congressman in the 2nd District of Bohol in next year's election.

        Aumentado made the statement in a press release yesterday to clarify news reports that he offered Gonzaga to run as his successor.

      He said that he encouraged Gonzaga to seek the congressional seat during the 10th Congress, which covered the period from July 1, 1995 to June 30, 1998. But the NPC official flatly rejected, Aumentado said, saying in vernacular that "wa pa ko takdi sa kagaw sa politika" (I am not yet bitten by the political bug).

     "At the time we discussed the matter," Aumentado said, "no one aspired yet to run in the second district of Bohol to succeed him."

      Aumentado recalled that he was emphatic during the Danao Day celebration last Sunday on Mr. Gonzaga's rejection of his suggestion some years back for him to throw his hat into the second district arena. In fact, Aumentado quoted Mr. Gonzaga's response as "wa pa ko takdi sa kagaw sa politiko" in stressing that the NPC official has no political agenda. 

      He said that on their way to Ubay to inspect the on-going construction of the Leyte-Bohol Interconnection Project, Gonzaga reiterated his desire not to get involved personally in politics.

      Gonzaga is a career man who rose to the second highest NPC position after topping the mechanical engineering board examinations. 

     As it is now, Aumentado said, there are three probable names being mentioned to have openly sought for his congressional seat. He said that they are Board Member Roberto Cajes, Inabanga Mayor Josephine Jumamoy, and former Congressman and Governor David Tirol who are worthy for the position. 

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