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General Santos City is ICT-ready
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:39:15 pm »
General Santos City (1 December 2005) -- The Board of Investments (BOI) confirmed that General Santos City is ICT-ready considering the presence of its ICT dedicated concrete buildings situated in its central business district.

This is based on the area evaluation study conducted by the BOI last year in City's and regional centers with ICT potentials nationwide.

The subsequent addition of General Santos as one of the ICT investment destinations in the Philippines likewise encourages local businessmen to improve or convert their real properties into a full-fledged ICT infrastructure.

There are already independent software developers, transcriptionists, distributors of IT-enabled products, and providers of e-services operating in the city.

However, the business group of the city would like to contribute to greater ICT industry efforts for the nation's development.

As feasibility studies are ongoing, local businessmen are beginning to hope for high probability of establishing an ICT-dedicated ecozone to operate in the city.

"We gladly welcome the PEZA Board Resolution amending the minimum area for the establishment of an Information Technology (IT) Park from five hectares to one hectare," said, Jan Ced of the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"For us, this entails savings in investment cost but without compromising the setting up of quality and world-class infrastructures. Once proclaimed, we plan to make the park become a productive and development-driven international technology zone," Ced explained. (DTI-GSC/PIA-Sargen)

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