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Author Topic: Fixers at Tagbilaran LTO still rampant  (Read 297 times)


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Fixers at Tagbilaran LTO still rampant
« on: June 24, 2020, 11:57:37 am »

Fixers at Tagbilaran LTO still rampant    
Published by The Bohol Chronicle on May 28, 2006
The city-based Land Transportation Office (LTO) has failed to stop the presence of fixers victimizing land vehicle owners and applicants for drivers' licenses.

This was confirmed when a Chronicle-dyRD team visited the local LTO last Monday to conduct a three-day actual observation on the modus operandi of these fixers.

During the three-day observation at the LTO, the Chronicle chanced to interview some of the fixers, but majority of them strongly denied their operations.

However, a supposed lady intermediary at the LTO, who identified herself as "Liliw" admitted that she has personal access to the records section of the agency claiming that her daily routine is to "help the processing office and the applicants."

Pressed to identify any personnel linked with these fixers, "Liliw" begged off to name names.

The glaring operations of fixers at the city LTO showed them carrying bundles of drivers' application forms while waiting for clients right at the main entrance of the LTO. In fact, these fixers appear like a "human barricade" right in front of the office as early as 8 o'clock every morning.

This scene at the said agency could be the best proof why in several "Bohol Poll" surveys, the LTO tops the list of corrupt government agencies here.

Confronted with "Liliw's" revelation, LTO Registrar Macario Getaruelas was irked when informed by the Chronicle that "Liliw" and several other fixers has access to LTO records including license applications under process.

During the same interview, the LTO official could not deny that he knows "Liliw" who is seen at the LTO almost daily like a regular employee. In fact, he admitted that "Liliw" assists in the filing of records at the office but quickly denied of having been aware of her activities as a fixer.

Getaruelas assured that he will convene a general meeting to relay this factual observation report submitted by the Chronicle to his office last Wednesday. In a check made late Friday afternoon, some personnel said that the LTO chief convened a meeting earlier in the day. The details of said meeting were not available until the agency closed for the weekend break.

He denied having personal knowledge about "Liliw" and some others who are transacting business in behalf of his office.

In a recorded interview over dyRD, "Liliw" admitted that she is not an employee of the licensing office but was authorized to transact for and in behalf of license applicants.

Applicants for a professional driver's license need not take the required examination if one could pay P900 in lieu of the test (excluding P300 for drug test and P50 for medical examination).

If an applicant has to dutifully abide by the standard procedure of acquiring a professional driver's license, without intervention of fixers, the applicant would only have to pay a little less than P300.

It may be recalled that earlier this year, a daughter of Provincial Board Member Godofreda Tirol applied for driver's license at the local LTO office. Refusing to pay P800, since she wanted to obtain her driver's license thru proper procedures, she was informed by LTO personnel that she would only fail in the test if she took it. However, if she paid P800 instead of taking the exam, the LTO personnel assured her, she would pass and get her license.

Nevertheless, BM Tirol's daughter took the exam saying she didn't "want a passing score in exchange for money." She wanted to get a license because she deserves to have it. The board member's daughter was even more surprised upon learning that some questions included in the exam were not applicable in the Philippines. The questionnaire was designed for the applicants to fail.

An LTO employee admitted in the same recorded interview, that even the LTO chief and members of the highway patrol would fail the exam. The questionnaires that are fed to the computerized checking machine are pre-answered by one of their personnel who already know the answers of the exam.

An inspection at the LTO office made by the Chronicle-dyRD reporters revealed that there is no testing area provided for license applicants. It was also known that pre-examination seminars and reviewers are not conducted and provided to inform and review the examinees.

Getaruelas claimed to have already initiated procedures to conduct seminars and supply review materials for applicants.

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