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To Ivy

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To Ivy
« on: August 09, 2009, 12:05:51 PM »
Dear Ivy,

Hi lady, if you read this letter, please know that i in no mean to offend you but to unleash my feelings for you. Ivy, do you know how sad i was to hear that you were getting married?
Mor or less it was painful for me to attend your wedding 2 summers ago. Since we were children, I had always had a crush on you.

So it ended like a love story that never happened. Only dreams of what could have been.

I always wanted to court you, but never had the time.

So here I am, expressing this out now. 2 years after the fact.

Please forgive me if what I say hurts. I just had to release it.
I will always be a friend. Am happy for you.

Please know that I want to find a wife that has your qualities.

Your husband must cherish you.

Love, always,
Bran Lorenz

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